[SPOILERS] Your interpretation of the last shot (Poll)

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.

Your Interpretation?

Blake becomes the new Batman/Nightwing/Azrael/Whatever
Blake becomes Robin
Blake stays Blake and spend his time working at the orphean at Wayne Manor
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I think this everything in this article could apply to Batman. . . and future Batman movies.

"James Bond" Is Not a Man, But a Code Name"
(from 6 Insane Fan Theories That Actually Make Great Movies Better, at Cracked.com)

"When the 007 franchise launched in 1962, Sean Connery was 32 when he received his license to kill. That was almost 50-years ago, and James Bond has aged like a fine Beaujolais spiked with antifreeze. How is the same 30-something special agent who fought the Cold War-era Russians now taking on post-9/11 terrorism?

"The Theory:
There has been a theory among fans that there is no one single James Bond, but that "James Bond" is a codename passed on from one agent to the next as each retires (just as the titles of M and Q pinball from agent to agent). The theory explains the agelessness of Bond--note that Daniel Craig's Bond became 11 years younger whereas Judi Dench's M aged by four years.

"This also explains how James Bond's personality changes dramatically from actor to actor. For example, in one film you have Timothy Dalton's Bond burning a man alive (around the 9:00 mark). Pop in another DVD and you see Roger Moore's Bond is doddering around in a clown costume.

"The more you look into it, the more it makes sense. George Lazenby's Bond had his wife murdered in the last film he appeared in, so fans could assume that his 007 retired out of grief. Timothy Dalton's Bond went rogue and was kicked out of MI6. Pierce Brosnan's final outing ended with Bond being abandoned by British intelligence. Next movie, there's a new Bond in the tuxedo and the old one is presumably on a beach somewhere collecting a government pension.

"Hell, even the guy who directed Die Another Day believed this theory. Wait, that was the Bond movie with the invisible car, right? Fuck that guy.

"Why Does it Make the Film Better?
We like the realism that this theory gives the Bond franchise, particularly since 007 movies have the propensity to fly off the rails every few years (see: Moonraker, Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist, that invisible fucking car)."


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There's so much to weigh when interpreting what John Blake becomes. There's two questions I would ask. Would he take up the Batman symbol or not? Would he be a good Batman?

For Batman Original/Batman Beyond:
-The batsignal is back
-Batcave is back
-Bringing back the symbol Batman represents would be good (fear against criminals/hope)
-''Batman can be anyone'' this could be interpreted in two ways: 'anyone can be Batman' or 'Batman could've been anyone'

Nightwing/Not Batman:
-'Batman could've been anyone' is in the context of Batman dying without anyone knowing who he is. This interpretation slightly leans towards not being Batman
-It would be true to the comics (Robin's name)
-It wouldn't be bringing Batman back to life

Unmasked hero/Cop
-He is already a really good cop, why would he attempt to rise above that
-In the film he is a really good cop but other character's see him as a rookie. This interpretation he just has more to learn.
-Masked heroes are difficult to accept in society
-It's possible there won't be any major threats by villains anymore (which is Batman's specialty)

Would he be a good Batman?
He has almost all the same principles but doesn't have 'fear' to his character. He doesn't have the most supreme training to be Batman (league of shadows). Along without any combat training he lacks a lot of Batman's other skills. John Blake could aquire the skills to be Batman but it would likely take longer than Bruce did (without training/mentoring from Ra's).

I think the most likely outcome is the 'Batman Beyond' Batman, or simply new suit Batman. There's obviously no point for him to wear the old suit. Technology advances throughout the films so a more advanced suit would be likely, also advanced technology could make up for his lacking abilities.

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Blake has the background of Jason Todd and Tim Drake, for the most part (his father is murdered due to a debt, and he later deduces Batman’s identity while still a young kid), but then grows up to have Dick Grayson’s adult life (being a police officer and ally of Batman who has dealt with the tragedy in his childhood in a more productive and healthy way than Bruce dealt with his own tragedies, plus that whole chalk emblem, all adds up to a “realistic” incarnation of Nightwing). Then, we find out that his actual legal name is Robin. So I’d argue that yes, he definitely served the role of Robin in The Dark Knight Rises. Meaning he was ALREADY Robin, he isn’t going to become Robin in the future.
In Nolan We Trust ...

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You simply cannot ignore the overt imagery of Blake rising on that platform followed by the title appearing on screen. Notice that Nolan’s films always leave the title until the very end of the movie. That’s where the title of each film has its final, full embodiment: from the announcement that Batman has begun; to the proclamation that Batman is Gotham’s dark knight protecting the city; and lastly to Batman rising to his final, firm status in Gotham as an incorruptible symbol that cannot be killed.
In Nolan We Trust ...

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I think he'll become Nightwing. Mainly for Joe's resemblance to the character's features, the fact Blake wore blue/black throughout the film, the Grayson qualities, his previous profession and how dark Nolan's verse is.

Perfect Nightwing if you ask me. :D

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I can't answer to this because to me Blake could as well become the new Batman/Nightwing whatever, as he could become Robin so I can't choose between those 2 possibilities...

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If John Blake became Batman... he would get destroyed by the Joker. So table that idea.

He becomes Nightwing, Bruce Wayne is still Batman.

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Caekzor wrote:Can't wait for
'The Batman Legacy' starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
^ Amusing ;)

In my humble opinion;

Blake becomes the new protector of Gotham – the costume he wears is open to interpretation.

John Blake is an original character, dissimilar to the various Robins, Azrael or Terry McGinnis in other media. That he combines elements of Grayson, Todd and Drake is clever. However, he is not a sidekick, but a successor.

The name at the end was not needed. Sometimes images can speak louder than words.

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Blake becomes Batman.

Batman is a symbol, and as a symbol is immortal.

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Z. Cobb wrote:If John Blake became Batman... he would get destroyed by the Joker. So table that idea.

He becomes Nightwing, Bruce Wayne is still Batman.
Bruce Wayne is done as Batman . Its pretty clear that Blake is at least taking over the mantle as Batman or another Batman like hero . And whose to say Joker is free ?

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