[SPOILERS] Better Ways to End it?

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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I loved the ending, but I had one problem with it.
The final frame did not end with Bruce Wayne. They should have shown John Blake climbing up to get into the Batcave and have it start playing the music with the drums and bum buuuuuuuummmmmm. Then they should have had it end with Bruce Wayne smiling back to Alfred at the cafe at the end.
What would you do to change the ending? Or would you scrap that ending altogether and go for something else?
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Yeah, I thought the ending was pretty perfect but I would have preferred the last shot be Bruce as well.

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Perfectly fine how it is.

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Based4Life wrote:Perfectly fine how it is.
I agree. With Bruce smiling back at Alfred it may have been a little less impactful. The floor Blake was standing on seemed to be "rising". Or it was moving at least. Bruce was just sitting there with a smile on his face. Also, I loved when the drums and the beat started when Alfred smiled. While I was in the theater I was hoping for no Inception ending and I was like "Please show Bruce, Please!"

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Post credits scene with Flass, Mike Engel, William Earle, Coleman Reese, and Ramirez leaving the theater in disgust.

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Yeah what the hell happened to Ramirez?

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Samuel R. Jankis wrote:Yeah what the hell happened to Ramirez?
Most likely she was freaking fired and arrested. You don't get away with being responsible for turning in an innocent DA to a murdering psychopath without consequences.

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She couldn't pay her mother's hospital bills so her mother died and she decided to move away and find a new home in a place where she wouldn't be known as a corrupt cop. :lol:

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I would have preferred if it ended with a shot of the Batman monument. Batman dying would have been such a powerful and emotional ending.

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I really liked the end very much. I just wish the cafe scene was done a little differently, I don't know how though.
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