Your Theater's Reaction?

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Laughs whe batman said "so that's how it feels" and applause at the end

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people clapped when
Alfred found Bruce Alive
at the end, and when the credits began.

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People in my theater cheered at a bunch of different parts.
During the burning bat symbol when Batman returns, during the Robin bit, when Alfred sees Bruce in the cafe, and at THE DARK KNIGHT RISES bit.

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FirelordSylar wrote:Sucks to hear about the lame audiences. One of the luster of the Midnight Showings has always been the excitement of the crowd, knowing that you're all experiencing this thing together.
I'm sure some today's tragedy dampened the mood for some.

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Everyone went "OOHHHH!!!!" when
Bane broke the Bat.

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I have seen it twice and had the same reactions:
1. Dead Silence during the sewer scene
2. Laughs throughout
3. Robin's name
4. Alfred seeing bruce
5. Robin becoming Batman

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Nobody said anything in my theater period except for the one guy cellphone went off and some guy yelled out SERIOUSLY DUDE?

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Super glad I saw this Midnight first on Imax. The crowd was amped up and enthusiastic during the entire film. They were great with reactions to dialogue (especially the humorous ones) the biggest ones were when
Selina kills Bane and Bane lifted Bat up into the air and did the classic back "break"
move some guy I kid you not yelled "YES!" it had a good section of the audience laughing. The 8:00 showing I just came back from was a complete 180. No reactions, silence throughout and only until the title card of the credits showed did people clap.

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Also, immediately after when people began to leave, almost everyone was talking to each other saying:

"So they're gonna make another one with Robin?"

I chuckled and walked away.

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willyjoel wrote:Laughs whe batman said "so that's how it feels" and applause at the end
everyone in my theater laughed at that one as well lol i actually think that this movie had more jokes than the dark knight

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