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The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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9.5/10 :judge:

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8.5/10. I agree with Erik.

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Brilliant ending to the greatest trilogy ever. This was definitley the most emotional of the three and the scale was just beyond epic. Will require another watch just to really take it all in.

A couple gripes
I wasn't digging Bane's new voice in the prologue, it was borderline comical. I really wish they had kept the old one or just turned his voice up a bit. After watching the prologue by itself for so many months, it came as quite a shock :lol:
I was hoping for a more tense vehicle chase at the end, it seemed to start and finish so fast. The tunnel chase in TDK still remains the best action set piece of the whole trilogy
Other than that, fantastic movie. Can't wait to see it again.

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Wow.. was in a little bit of shock after seeing this film. I knew what it was about but still was very surprised at the tone and direction it took, my expectations for what this film was going to be about were just very different then what was done. Very ambitious film by Nolan using comic characters in this type of setting and trying to pull it off. Can also see why certain critics didn't like it, this film won't appeal to everyone and neither will the ending.

Slightly disappointing was my initial reaction after seeing it, then the more I thought about the movie the more I liked it. I then saw it for the 2nd time this morning and a lot of the plot that I was confused about really came together as did the whole 1st Act which some critics mentioned as being boring or a time waster. You can't have a true conclusion which Nolan was building up to without sufficient time spent on the characters in question. Also didn't really like the ending upon initially seeing it but seeing the movie a 2nd time through I think it really did come together well.

This movie didn't have the same amount of comic book action scenes where you go "cool" like the 1st 2 movies but I will say when Bane is in action it is pretty breathtaking. I really liked Tom Hardy and he was pretty damn menacing, the scene when he breaks the Bat is one of the best cinema fighting scenes I've ever seen.

Still need to digest more but you're in for a treat if you haven't seen it yet.

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The ending still makes me smile and want to clap.

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stanley wrote:Wow... where do I begin. Just got back from an IMAX screening..

I'm too tired to write up a review right now, but suffice it to say I'm incredibly disapointed. The movie was a complete mess from beginning to end. Nothing felt cohesive. Nothing clicked. The dialogue was stilted, heavy handed, and exposition filled. The action produced no 'WOW' moments throughout the entire film. Nobody in my theater clapped during the film, except for the ending. Nobody.

Bane was disapointing, the story was predictable... The fight sequences between Bane and Batman, which should of been some of the highlights of the film, were boring, lacking in tension and drama. The choreograpy was just bland.

I did not think this was a good movie.

I admit part of my feelings could be due to the fact that I had a lot of trouble hearing the dialouge in the movie, so it was hard to follow. The music was sreally loud and booming as well, and became really obnoxious towards the end. Being up at 3am doesnt really help either. I need to see the movie again and hopefully soak it in better.

Anyway, this is a just gut a reaction but man am I disapointed. I waited for this movie since the day it was announced, and this felt everything like a disapointment. It's no where close to TDK, and even Begins which I'm not a huge fan of.
I completely agree. I thought this was the worst out of the three films, by far.

Nothing clicked. Far, far from any kind of "cinematic masterpiece" as some people are dubbing it. It certainly had its moments but it tried to accomplish too much, and man... the ending was a letdown. I don't know. I have no desire to see it again. Upon leaving the theater after seeing the first two films I was damn-near choked up with emotion... but this left me indifferent.

Oh, well. 7.5/10 (For now, at least).

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Thought it was great. Much better than The Dark Knight. Now looking forward to post-Batman Nolan :twothumbsup: .

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At the moment I have it at about an 8/10. I'll be seeing it again later today so maybe I'll think differently of it after the second viewing.

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TDK still remains the bench mark for the trilogy but TDKR is a hugely epic and enjoyable close to one of the greatest trilogies in motion picture history, thoroughly enjoyed every minute and didn't feel it dragged one bit, a real treat in IMAX, they did pack a lot in but it didn't sink under this, it has plot holes but which big budget blockbuster hasn't?

I'm not sure if I'll get to see it again on the big screen but I will savour it on Blu ray in December.

I think more than ever not to have Nolan direct Bond would be such a missed opportunity, so many Bondian moments here. My friend said to me it was one of the best Super Hero films he's ever seen but it wasn't Batman to him, I've always been a Nolan fan first and a Batman fan second since these films began and understand this is his take and maybe it isn't comic Batman but I've never been a big comic book reader and I think this maybe my last in the genre unless another director can put such a unique spin on another super hero.

Memento and Prestige still remain my favourite Nolan films but I never expected that to change.

Batman Begins 4/5
The Dark Knight 5/5
The Dark Knight Rises 4.5/5

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Enjoyed it.

Not as much as The Dark Knight. With all my favourite films, the first time I watched them, I though they were good, but not outstanding. I'm hoping The Dark Knight Rises is like that, and improves each time I watch it (but I wont make the mistake of watching it too many times to soon, I learned my lesson from Inception...)

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