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The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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You know that feeling of "satisfaction"? That's what I'm feeling. I smiled, I laughed, I cheered, I nodded in approval of Bane's badassery, and I clapped with happy audience. What a great action movie. 70mm IMAX— where have you been all my life? Like most people on here, I'm mindblown. And the ending made me :)

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More to come later, but wtf with Bane's voice?!!!? For the prologue I understood most lines, but it was changed COMPLETELY from the original prologue from December. Then for the rest of the movie he had a voice more similar to how we heard him in the prologue from December (though I understood most lines this time, unlike the original prologue). WTF was that, I really hated how he sounded in the prologue this time, it didn't even sound like Hardy, more like some random guy came in and dubbed his dialogue over the original. Was this just something with my theater, or did anyone else experience this?

In other words, he sounded fine for most of the movie except the prologue. WTF?!

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Just got back from Imax viewing, fucking incredible. The movie captures the biggest moments perfectly, and the emotion is on par with the best I have ever seen. Like many have said it is so different than the other two, and takes a little getting situated with, but once you do its a hell of a ride. I thought Hathaway stole the show, she had my attention more than anyone when on screen. Bane was great also, besides the fact that it was very difficult to understand some of his lines. JGl just proves that he belongs with the top actors, which was no surprise. Nolan has done it again, and lived up to the hype. :goNF:

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what you guys think about dialogues ?? I suspect there are no quotable dialogues in this film, right ??

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AMAZING!!!! I loved this film. I really need to see it again because I feel like my love for it will increase because at midnight you don't fully get some things. IMAX. IMAX. IMAX. You HAVE to see this film in IMAX. The experience you get from the sound and picture will blow you away.

My only gripes:
1. Maybe it was because it was midnight and I wasn't fully aware, but to fast of pacing at the beginning
2. I loved Bane and his voice, but a lot of times it sounded like part of the audio track and not like he was speaking in the scene.
3. Bane died to fast (well I guess he did what he was told too).
Lastly, I really liked the ending. And Bane was a greater villain (to me) than the Joker. Pfister really went out with a bang. His cinematography should win him an Oscar. Oh and the Batman vs Bane fight 1 was Jaw Dropping. The theater was silent.

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So nobody felt like any important key scenes were rushed or anything? Some of the complaints that have been in the back of my mind have been people claiming certain important scenes never fully get the chance to breath and stuff like that. It's really nice to know pretty much nobody here did. Man I cannot wait for this.

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ComptonTerry wrote:So nobody felt like any important key scenes were rushed or anything? Some of the complaints that have been in the back of my mind have been people claiming certain important scenes never fully get the chance to breath and stuff like that. It's really nice to know pretty much nobody here did. Man I cannot wait for this.
Actually there were only a few that didn't really have time to "breath" the editing was really fast at some points, but they had to continue this massive story.

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IMO the most impressive thing about TDKR (aside from the great ending) is how well made the action scene was. It's brilliantly edited and shot. Wally deserves another Oscar. :clap: :clap:

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Just saw it and I have only one word, wow!

Everything in the movie was top notch-script, music, cinematography, editing, casts(I liked Joe and Anne the most) and of course screenplay and direction. There were whistles and claps at many scenes. Bane was good in breaking backs and souls. Batman once again proved that he can go to any extent to save Gotham and Alfred proved to be loyal as ever. I would have given it a perfect 5 if I would not have seen TDK, a nearly perfect film and if Nolan would not have introduced us to the legendary Joker.


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My Honest review of TDRK
Could anyone that has seen the film answer the following
So first of all I thought the first half was great but I felt like Alfred was only on screen to do his crying voice and then actually cry he wan't really that great of a character in Rises.
Secondly I cant get over any of the plot holes:
After Bruce's self imposed exile he shaves and seems to be in and is physically and mentally back to old Bruce all from Bruce's pep talk and Alfred's whining.
After Bruce and Miranda sleep together, Bruce decides to go into the bat gave and suit up. He is muscly and can walk perfectly
Bruce repairing his leg (which had been injured for eight years) in a matter of days with some sort of brace
Bruce's back being healed so quickly. One scene he was hanging from the rope to straighten his back ( which I won't even go into the impossibility of) and the next scene he is doing pushups and situps with his back perfectly straight.
Also once he escapes from this prison which we has no guards and he manages to come back to Gotham without any money in a matter of a few days with brand new clothes meeting Ms.Kyle.
After Talia stabs Bruce pretty damn well and he is screaming in pain he is fine after Catwoman saves him from Bane
Once this nuclear bomb is armed Bruce attaches it to the Bat and flies it to the sea where he let's it detonate. If this is a regular Nuclear bomb then wouldn't Gotham be covered with radiation and or completely destroyed since the bomb had the ability to blow the whole of Gotham into ashes.
Also if Bruce really is alive then how could he escape the Bat before the bomb explodes

Also do you think Nolan was going for the ambigous ending once again?
Overall as you can see I had some major griped with the film but it certainly was visually stunning. However that doesn't justify the lack of detail in the storytelling by Nolan and co.
All I can hope is that Nolan was bogged down by the idea of appealing to the masses and didn't include a lot of details due to running time limitation and that he releases a Director's cut in the near future. I really wish this film was two parts.
The film was too ambitious in my eyes for the running time and introduced too much without ending the trilogy in a satisfying and conclusive fashion.
For performances from Hathaway Hardy Bale
Epic Scope
Socially relevant themes
Full circleness (not a word, I know)
Plot Holes
Sound editing
Sound Mixing
Runtime(too short)
These are just some of my major gripes. Overall this film had incredible potential but was bogged down by runtime and scope. Nolan's worst film by far a 5.2/10

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