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The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Hi. I don't really know what to say other than...

No words can explain what I just saw, I have work at 9am. I left the theater thinking one thing, Chris Nolan has ended his trilogy, and it was perfect. So many things to process, def need to see it again. I will say one thing though

The fight scenes................... absolutely incredible. So raw and full of emotion, insane. I loved this movie. Everything I could have wanted and more

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I don't know what to say at the moment other than that I was pretty blown away... more to come.

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I have a new favorite movie.

More later.

Fucking. Nolan.

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It was flat-out brilliant. A Masterpiece! Bravo, Mr. Nolan! Words can't describe...

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Just got back from watching the Dark Knight Trilogy. I thought TDKR was great.
The ending was perfect. Apart from some minor pacing problems, my Only gripe is Bane's voice...
They should've kept the Prologue voice... (just adjust the background audio) Much more menacing...
(In the Netherlands all our Movies are subtitled, so no problem understanding a character... )
That's it. Gonna see it again tonight! 9/10

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Even after everything that I read and have seen beforehand, I was still not expecting what I ended up seeing. It was truly an epic. I can't decide between The Dark Knight and this one, but I think that's the mark of a great trilogy. I really need to watch it again.

Fine performances (easily Bale's best outing as Bruce Wayne) all around, the action/fighting was beyond brutal ( goodness) in a spectacular way and I think Bruce's story got a perfect ending.

One thing is for sure... Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are absolute pre-reqs. Not that anyone here hasn't seen those, but I wonder how people who either haven't watched either or didn't really 'absorb' them fully will receive the story of TDKR.

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Well, to put it in the most simple of terms, and I remind you, this is MY opinion. If you disagree, well tough shit sherlock.

Better than The Dark Knight.

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This is an awfully sloppy reaction without getting into much plot details.

I felt the epicness I felt the scope, I FELT THE STAKES something you rarely feel in blockbuster movies these days. Nolan continues to show how Hollywood how it is done. This is truly a brilliant ending to a brilliant trilogy. I want to say Hardy, Bale and Gordon-Levitt particularly stood out for me giving fantastic performances. Yes these guys are my favorite actors but I really think it is an objective determination Hardy was rather terrifying as Bane and delivers an iconic voice, I just wish his character got a better sendoff, Bale is just so good as Bruce and this may possibly be his finest hour, a very emotional performance, his scenes as Batman I can feel the acting being more powerful compared to previous installment love when he tells Bane
“You have my permission to die...
just wonderful. Gordon-Levitt seamlessly gets thrown in to this major role as a new character John Blake who imo you connect to almost immediately with his great back story, an incredibly human performance, he makes you really love and respect this guy and I am not so sure a lot of other actors could make you feel that human connection the way he did, I loved his character and
the big reveal is so utterly satisfying and done well..
Oldman and Caine are bloody fantastic as usual but are not given as much time on screen compared to previous installments but it all made sense to the story.Oldman's performance you could sense the old weary worn out Gordon. Can I find some minor nitpicks? Of course but they are easily forgettable with the fantastic characters, story, acting, action and brilliant direction by Sir Chris Nolan. :goNF:
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Wow..just got back as well.. I have not slept all day and I have to be at work in two hours and work all day tomorrow and I dont even care :-) Im not going to spoil anything for anybody that has yet to see it. Im in stunned mode right now and slowing taking everything in. I DEFINITELY need to watch this movie again!! Definitely the best ending to a trilogy...EVER! and I do have to say that Tom Hardy knocked it out of the park..amazing! Everybody did a great job:-) I definitely got teary eyed on at least two parts... more to come later:-)

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