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Here you will find everything that has anything to do with our podcast. This includes topics of discussion on the show and polls that we'll frequently mention.
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Are you planning on doing a Post-Inception podcast?

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I second this. ^

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Max Schreck wrote:Are you planning on doing a Post-Inception podcast?
We basically did. Episode 24. We'll record a spoiler-filled episode soon.

This thread is really only for questions that you'd like us to answer on the podcast.

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Podcast question:

If it is indeed true that The Riddler will be the main villain in next Bat flick, how big of an impact do you think he will have on the marketing for the third Batman film? Do you think he will play as big a role as The Joker did in the marketing for The Dark Knight? And who are your favorites for the part?


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Nice podcast guys. I would like to know, that both of you said you think that Inception is Nolan's best film. If your opinion still stands, then my question is do you think he can top himself?

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Podcast question:

With all the rumors flying around about the third installment of the batman series, all indications of the rumors seem to be that the riddler would be the primary villain. That being said, there is usually a second villain that Nolan installs to add more layers to the movie (Dent aka Two-Face/The Joker in TDK and Scarecrow/Ras-al-ghul in Batman Begins). Assuming the Riddler is the primary villain, which villain from the comic books could be the best fit, in your opinion, for the second antagonist in the next installment?

Hope that was clear and you guys are doing an awesome job!

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Here's a question, is episode 40 going to be live? I see it on the front page, but there's no thread here about it...

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Whoops. Sorry about that. The thread is up now. :)

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Cool thing to hire Kris White for voice work on the poscasts.

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The third part of the Batman must the best film. Cause the second part was the best movie of Cris Nolan.
But i have a quation: what new film will appear (after the "man of steel"), considering that the dreamfilm of the director have been made???
What is the thing that will surprise us?

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