Episode 57: Two Dummies and a Guest Host

Here you will find everything that has anything to do with our podcast. This includes topics of discussion on the show and polls that we'll frequently mention.
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At long last, the Nolan Fans Podcast has been brought back from the dead! Hosts Alex Haas and Teddy Blass get back into the swing of things by discussing the relaunch of the podcast, and version 4 of NolanFans.com. The two are later joined by Brendan Hodges to discuss the announcement, casting, and filming of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming 2014 film: Interstellar.

There will be a lot to cover considering it has been 13 months since the last episode, but we have plans to cover all of it in time. Now on a regular schedule, new episodes of the Nolan Fans Podcast will be released every other Wednesday. Alex and Teddy will be joined by new guest hosts, cover new topics of discussion, and will periodically host live editions of the podcast. And as always, the best way to stay on top of new episodes is to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

The Nolan Fans Podcast is a bi-weekly/bi-monthly podcast hosted by Alex Haas and Teddy Blass. It has been running since July 2009. With over 75k downloads, the podcast is the largest and longest running podcast about director Christopher Nolan and his films. You can stream, download, and subscribe in iTunes below. Enjoy.


"Perhaps if you're interested in being on the podcast let us know. If your username has chekhov in it you're not allowed."


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Blasstoise wrote:"Perhaps if you're interested in being on the podcast let us know."
I'll throw my name in for consideration.

Also, B-Hodge sounds exactly how I imagined him to sound; I felt the same bitter taste in my mouth I usually get when I read his posts. :twothumbsup:

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Great podcast mein fuhrers, I look forward to more

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Good stuff guys. It's like you never left...

but you did. NEVER FORGET yo.

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Great show guys and welcome back.

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Finally! Great comeback! :gonf: Good job, Vader! :twothumbsup:

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...and we're already north of 1,000 downloads. I like you people.

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Nice show. I look forward to hearing more.

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Good stuff :thumbup:

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