Nolan Fans is now Villeneuve Fans

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Angry and annoyed with the secrecy and lack of news surrounding Christopher Nolan's newest film, Alex and I have decided to jump ship while we can. Today marks the start of the conversion of Nolan Fans to Villeneuve Fans. The full transformation will take some time, but we've started — as you may have noticed — with the logo and hero image of the site. The current film forums will slowly be archived and new threads detailing Denis' immaculate filmography will be created.

This switchover comes in good timing with the exciting news and tidbits we're receiving about Denis' upcoming epic DUNE, releasing November 2020. Our twitter, tumblr, and front page will be dedicated to news about the film, and any other points of interest surrounding Denis Villeneuve. Clearly this is a dumb April Fools joke that I've run out of ways to milk in this stupid post. Hope it made you chuckle or at least grin.

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nolan is temporary villeneuve is forever


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It seems like the natural transition yo.

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He deserves a fan site though

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so we went from to

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That didn't last long

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I mean, he is the real deal :D

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