List of US/CAN 70mm Dunkirk Theater Locations

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A NolanFans user found a list of US and Canada 70mm theatre Dunkirk locations hidden in the source code on the Official Website for Dunkirk. Yesterday we tweeted that the ticket sales for 70mm showings of Dunkirk have been pushed back to July 5, but until now nobody knew which locations would actually have 70mm.

The list includes Standard 70mm (5-perf/70mm) theaters as well as IMAX 70mm (15-perf/70mm) theaters. Many of you know the difference between the two formats, but for those of you that do not, we’ll give you a brief overview.

Standard 65/70mm film has been around for well over a century. However, it wasn’t more widely or popularly used until the 1950s. Many classic films, like Lawrence of Arabia and 2001: A Space Odyssey, were filmed and presented on 70mm, but the format stopped being used by the 70s. Sometimes the format is abbreviated as 5/70 as each frame of film is 5 perforations tall and 70mm wide. That translates to 0.9 inches by 2 inches. You’ll commonly see 65mm used interchangeably with 70mm, and that’s because 65mm is the shooting format, and 70mm is the projecting format. When projected, 5/70 typically has an aspect ratio of 2.20:1.

IMAX 65/70mm film was developed by the IMAX Corporation in the late 60s. Unlike Standard 70mm, which runs vertically through a camera or projector, IMAX 70mm runs horizontally. It also uses 15 perforations per frame, as opposed to 5, thus giving it a larger picture area. Sometimes the format is abbreviated as 15/70. Its overall size is 2 inches by 2.75 inches. The format was commonly only used for IMAX nature and science documentary films, but in 2008 Christopher Nolan pioneered its use for Hollywood blockbusters on The Dark Knight. When projected, 15/70 typically has an aspect ratio of 1.44:1.


Dunkirk was shot using both formats. Though there has been no official confirmation, it is believed approximately 75% of the movie was shot on IMAX 65mm film with the remainder being filmed on Standard 65mm film. This ratio is larger than any of Nolan’s other uses of IMAX, and Nolan’s first film shot entirely on 65mm.

So enough with the history lesson, here’s the list of theaters showing Dunkirk on 70mm:

Scotiabank Chinook 16 IMAX (Calgary)
Scotiabank IMAX (Edmonton)

IMAX Dome Theater (Birmingham)
US Space Center IMAX (Huntsville)

AMC Westgate (Glendale)
Grand Canyon IMAX (Grand Canyon Village)
Harkins Tempe Marketplace (Tempe)
Loft (Tuscon)

Cineplex Colossus IMAX (Langley)
Cineplex Park (Vancouver)

AMC Burbank 16 (Burbank)
Century Daly City (Daly City)
Regal Hacienda 20 IMAX (Dublin)
ArcLight Hollywood (Hollywood)
Regal Irvine Spectrum IMAX (Irvine)
ArcLight 14 (La Jolla)
Grossmont Center 10 (La Messa)
Regal Long Beach Stadium (Long Beach)
Cinemark 18 (Los Angeles)
Landmark 12 (Los Angeles)
Regal Ontario Palace 22 IMAX (Ontario)
Sagewood Camelot (Palm Springs)
Esquire IMAX (Sacramento)
Tower Theatre (Sacramento)
AMC Mission Valley (San Diego)
AMC Metreon IMAX (San Francisco)
Cinemark San Francisco Center (San Francisco)
Century Oakridge (San Jose)
Hackworth IMAX (San Jose)
AMC Mercado (Santa Clara)
ArcLight Sherman Oaks (Sherman Oaks)
AMC Del Amo 18 (Torrance)
Cinemark Union City 25 (Union City)
AMC Citywalk IMAX (Universal City)

Regal Contiental (Westminster)
AMC Westminster 24 (Vancouver)

Regal Gallery Palace Stadium 24 (D.C.)

Cinemark Palace (Boca Raton)
Coral Gables Art Cinema 1 (Coral Gables)
AMC Disney Springs 24 (Lake Buena Vista)
AMC Aventura (Miami)
Regal Waterford Lakes (Orlando)
AMC Veterans (Tampa)
AMC Parisian (West Palm Beach)

Regal Atlantic Station (Atlanta)
Regal Mall of Georgia 20 (Buford)

Sci Dome IMAX (Des Moines)

River East 21 (Chicago)
Keresotes Showplace Icon (Chicago)
Music Box (Chicago)
Cinemark Evanston (Evanston)

White River IMAX (Indianapolis)

AMC Town Center (Leawood)

AMC Elmwood Palace (New Orleans)

AMC Boston Common (Boston)
Coolidge Corner 2 (Brookline)
Somerville 5 (Somerville)

AFI Silver 3 Theatre (Silver Springs)
AMC White Marsh (Baltimore)
Cinemark Egyptian (Baltimore)
Maryland Science Center IMAX (Baltimore)

AMC Livonia (Livonia)
AMC Forum 30 (Sterling Heights)

OMNIMAX (St. Louis)
Marcus Ronnies (St. Louis)

Discovery Place IMAX (Charlotte)
Regal Stonecrest (Charlotte)
AMC Southpoint (Durham)

AMC Cherry Hill (Cherry Hill)
AMC Hamilton 24 (Hamilton)
AMC Garden State (Peramus)

Cinemark Rio 24 (Albuquerque)

AMC Town Sqaure (Las Vegas)

Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn (Brooklyn)
Farmingdale 14 (Farmingdale)
Regal New Roc City (New Rochelle)
AMC Lincoln Square IMAX (New York)
City Cinemas East 86th St. (New York)
Cinema 1,2,3 (New York)
Village East 7 (New York)
Regal E-Walk Stadim (New York)

Gateway Film Center 7 (Columbus)
Cinemark Valley View (Valley View)

Cineplex Coliseum IMAX (Mississauga)
Cineplex Varsity 12 (Toronto)
Cineplex Colossus IMAX (Woodbridge)

Hollywood 3 (Portland)
Regal Bridgeport (Tigard)

AMC Neshaminy 24 (Bensalem)
Regal King of Prussia 15 IMAX (King of Prussia)
Tuttleman IMAX (Philadelphia)
AMC Waterfront (West Homestead)

Cineplex Banque Scotia 12 (Montreal)

Providence Place IMAX (Providence)

Regina IMAX (Las Vegas)

AMC Thoroughbred (Franklin)
Regal Pinnacle Stadium (Knoxville)
Regal Opry Mills 20 IMAX (Nashville)

Studio Movie Grill 9 (Arlington)
Alamo Drafthouse Ritz (Austin)
AMC Northpark 15 (Dallas)
Look 11 (Dallas)
Studio Movie Grill Royal Lane 9
Cinemark 17 IMAX (Dallas)
OmniaMAX Fort Worth (Fort Worth)
AMC Gulf Pointe (Houston)
Regal Edwards Freenway Grand Palace (Houston)
Cinemark Tinseltown (Pflugerville)
Cinemark West Plano (Plano)
Santikos Palladium 19 (San Antonio)

AMC Hoffman Center (Alexandria)
AMC Tyson’s Corner (McLean)

AMC Pacific Place 11 (Seattle)
Cinerama (Seattle)

Marcus Majestic Cinema of Brookfield (Waukesha)

freakin newfoundland gets it but not NS good gawd

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mchekhov 2: Chek Harder wrote:freakin newfoundland gets it but not NS good gawd
Yooooo, I'm pretty sure that cinema is in Québec not Newfoundland, lol.

ah. yeah cause that made no sense lol

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How is it that The Minnesota Zoo was the only theater to show the 70mm preview in MN and now they are not going to show the actual movie? Really?

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Maybe they're showing it Laser or Digital?

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TeddyBlass wrote:Maybe they're showing it Laser or Digital?
update the list, it's missing Minnesota.

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There's an app named Kodak Reel Film that lets you look up showtimes for movies shown on film projection (35mm, 70mm, IMAX 70mm), it may be a helpful resource for seeking out 35mm & 70mm locations especially if you want to see it a second time on film after opening week.

Occasionally some of Nolan's older films are shown on film at various locations, Interstellar was shown last week on film in Los Angeles.

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