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General Forum Rules

Posted: January 12th, 2009, 7:15 pm
by TeddyBlass
This thread will go over the general rules of the forum. Please do your best to stick to them and not violate them. :D

Creating an account

--Pick a suitable username. (Nothing obscene/offensive. Shy away from using ALL caps, special characters, etc.)
--Do not try to clone or make a username similar enough to existing username for the purposes of fooling people.
--Do not make multiple accounts. Contact us first if you have a valid reason.
--We retain the right to edit/delete usernames that violate said rules.

Signature and Avatar Rules

--Do not use Signatures that are huge or obtrusive
--Do not use more than 3-4 lines of text as your signature.
--Keep your signature simple and non-obnoxious.
--Do not use obscene, inappropriate or offensive material as your Signature or Avatar.
--Do not try to clone or duplicate an existing user's avatar for the purposes of fooling people.
--The forums aren't the yellow pages so don't spam links in your signature.

General Rules
1. Respect your fellow forum members.

--Refrain from using insults and starting flame wars.
--Rude, obloquious, and purely argumentative comments are discouraged.
--Do not troll or antagonize others.
--Use the Private Message [PM] features to settle personal arguments.

2. Listen to the Administrators and Moderators.

--Do not ignore warnings or disobey their suggestions.
--If you take issue with a warning given to you, contact the Moderator or Administrator privately.
--Report rule violations to the Moderators or Administrators. Don't attempt to discipline other users.
--If you believe that the staff as overlooked a violation, PM the staff.
--Remember that disciplinary decisions fall upon the staff, and the staff alone.
--Do not abuse the Report Post function.

3. Keep discussions clean. No obscene or explicit words, posts, attachments, etc etc.

--Please refrain from using excessive curse words and obscene phrases.
--Absolutely no hateful or discriminatory posts.
--No posting or linking to pornographic material. This will result in a permanent ban.
--Do not look for loopholes or ways around these rules.

4. Keep discussions readable and understandable.

--Do not type in ALL CAPS or StIcKy cApS.
--Do not use excessive slang, 1337 w0rd5, or AIM type (thnx U R da kewlest).
--Refrain from using excessive :D :D or !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, etc.
--Do not post multiple times in a row. Double posting is not allowed.
--Extremely short posts or posts that consist of only smilies/emoticons are discouraged.

5. No posting or linking to illegal or inappropriate material.

--Do not link to sites that offer illegal content or torrents of any nature.
--Do not post images or links to/of inappropriate content.
--Do not spam threads or topics with irrelevant or dangerous links.
--Do not post random, off-topic or inappropriate links.

6. No posting spoilers without following the proper methods for doing so.

--Use spoiler tags to enclose information that is or would be considered a spoiler.
--Add '[ SPOILER ]' to all threads containing excessive spoiler discussion.
--Spoiler tags are still required in threads with the '[ SPOILER ]' warning in the title.
--Spoilers about non-Nolan films and unreleased films/properties are subject these rules as well.
--Spoilers regarding movies/content not pertaining to the thread's topic should be appropriately labeled as such.

Administrators and Moderators have the right to interpret these rules and warn users at their discretion.

Warning System
Comment or Suggestion

--These will be given to those we believe did not purposely or knowingly violate a rule.

First Warning

--An informal warning given via post or PM. Minor disregard of the rules.

Intermediate Warnings

--Formal warnings given via PM. Clear disregard of rules and disrespect to staff.

Final Warnings

--Firm warning and temporary ban. Blatant violation of rules.

Permanent Ban

--Continual and persistent violation and disregard of rules.

Your account here is not a right, it's a privilege and can be taken away.