Interstellar Opens with $50 Million at the Weekend Boxoffice

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Estimates are in, and it appears that Interstellar has earned approximately $50 million this past weekend at the Box-Office. The film also opened two days early for limited 70mm IMAX, 35mm, and traditional 70mm formats, which adds an additional $2 million to the estimated gross since release, brining it to $52.15 million. The weekend gross is less than Nolan’s previous non-Batman release, Inception, which opened with $62.8 million, but was also released during the peak of Summer in 2010. Interstellar took in $13.4 million from IMAX theaters, which eclipses other November releases such as Skyfall and Catching Fire, with $12.6 million and $12.75 million respectively. That makes the IMAX total over a quarter of all earnings, which is an achievement for a film that pushed the premium format so extensively in marketing.

Now what Paramount and Warner Bros. need to hope for is longevity and word of mouth. The film is ambitious, scientifically articulate, and nearly 3 hours in length – which may prove a challenge for American audiences. We plan on posting editorial comments and reviews of the film itself shortly, per request. I personally found the movie enthralling, challenging, and emotionally satisfying – and I highly recommend seeing it twice! In fact, I think the film demands multiple viewings to grasp its ambitious and weighty ideas.

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Typo in the header. ;)

The movie is magnificent; I've seen it only once.

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This movie is beautiful

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