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Intermittent long time lurker signing up and saying 'Hi' - probably spent most time on here checking out Fincher's Dragon Tattoo thread if that's not sacrilege.

But consider me a fan - made the trip to see TDK at Ft Lauderdale IMAX and TDKR + Interstellar at BFI IMAX, and have everything on Blu-Ray when it's time for a fix.

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hello everyone, why am I not authorized to send private messages?
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Long-time lurker and finally newly registered user here, wondering why I cannot post a "new topic"? I don't see that option anywhere.

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It's a limit placed on newly registered users until a certain number of posts have been made by the user. This system helps prevent spam, but also an influx of duplicate threads from new users unaware of past topics of discussion.

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Hello everyone! :gonf:

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So happy to find this big family of Nolan fans.

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