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Cilogy wrote:Sony Vegas has one of the best time stretching features around. Like no matter how much you lengthen or shorten an audio clip, it remains relatively intact, no chipmunk voices nor much distortion.
frame rate issues with video though... have to get something like twixtor...

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I use Sony Vegas Pro and love it, but I also am interested in Avid's consumer level programs.

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solo2001 wrote:
Crazy Eight wrote:
Final Cut Pro X is a joke in comparison to the previous editions. It's more like iMovie Pro than anything.
I saw Final Cut did another update, is this anything to get excited over or is FCP a lost cause?
Ugh. The "update" is just webcam compatibility and a couple new framerates. That's it :facepalm: Apple is making big mistakes.

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Im still stuck with iMovie 09

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Windows Movie Maker.

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Adobe Reader 9

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Sony Vegas isn't capable of holding up against a sizable torrent of edits, though. Great for very small projects (as well as being very user friendly), but if you want to actually pull off a project of decent proportions don't be surprised if it starts giving you memory problems or something.

I use the Adobe suite now, which is absolutely solid. No real complaints. It does a masterful job with handling DSLR footage, which is of course what I use for the time being.

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Sony Vegas is very specific when it comes to rendering larger files. I've had experience with memory issues. You need to render it as a specific Sony file type and you shouldn't have a problem. :twothumbsup:

Mason wrote:Windows Movie Maker.
Best of the best. :clap:

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