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Here's a trailer to a film we just got done editing. The music should be recognizable to basically every single person on here.

Let me know what you think! Criticism is welcome, good or bad!

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at first I was like :thumbup: then at the end :lol:

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Heh, thanks. Yeah, I thought I might as well use the opportunity to speak the truth with the end of that.

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I love it when they get stuck between the door... :D
I like the trailer and at the end great :) !!!

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Seemed pretty funny. The door: hilarious. Good work.

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I smell a new "Best Ridiculously Good Movie"! :D
David emerges from the store slowly. He braces himself against a parked car and then keeps on walking in a nightmarish daze.

WE PULL BACK as David blends in with dozens and dozens of ordinary people, walking on an ordinary street, in an ordinary city.

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Thanks everyone! :batface:

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I finally got off my ass and uploaded the film to IMDb, which can be viewed here:

Anyone who's interested, please check it out and give feedback, but please, no "technical issues." Yes, we know that the opening jib shot is a little shaky, yes we know some of the color correction is a little weird in a few shots, yes we know that in the back of some shots you can see wires from the lights we used and all that. We're aware of all that.

So, please, enjoy!

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At times it was fun, at times too forced. The references were interesting along with the Alex Jones, Hangover, Fear and Loathing, Man in Black, The Other Guys (and so on) influences, which were not so subtle and at times uncalled for or didn't make sense (Would you like some coffee?), but it's nice I guess.

Sparing you the technical complaints.

If those two actors had a better material they would pull off a fine show I think. They got some kind of spark I guess.

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I haven't watched the full film yet. This is my critique of the trailer.

I'm only going to sound my most critical here than I usually am because I'm at my toughest when it comes to comedy, especially if it doesn't make me laugh which this one did not. I apologize ahead of time if I come off as a douche at all.

I think the running gag with the two guys going through the door at the same time was a little too repetitious. You should be careful with the running gag humor. There are movies when repetitious humor works brilliantly and then there are directors like Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer who come up with a joke they think is funny and then they repeat it over and over again in hopes that they'll get the same reaction the first time but fail miserably cause what they're really doing is being lazy. The inception joke was funny at first but I think you could have been funnier with the titles and gone more out there with them instead of referencing Inception.

Then again, I haven't seen your full movie but from this trailer, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. My guess is this is a parody of Inception except with characters you'd expect to see in either Black Sheep or Blues Brothers. I usually don't take 20 minutes out of my day to watch short films that long but I'll get back to you if I do watch it.

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