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"The Green Gas That Killed Them All!"

Posted: May 26th, 2020, 3:34 pm
by sanford
A few years ago, I wrote a very silly screenplay called The Green Gas That Killed Them All!, meant to be a bit of an homage to the black and white 1950s science fiction films I grew up loving (kind of along the lines of the Naked Gun or Scary Movie franchises). The premise is a mysterious toxic gas has been released, and it causes anyone who breathes it to lose all their social inhibitions and just do or say whatever they want, which makes life get pretty wacky and chaotic after a while.

Then a couple weeks ago, I decided to upload it online for anyone who was going quarantine-crazy to read, along with a few links to COVID-19 relief charities, just to try to draw attention to them.

I figure since I probably won't be able to make this movie, as it has a bit of a political shelf life, I'd just put it online for anyone who's into goofy stuff like this to read, and if it generates a few dollars for those who really need it, that'd be even better.

The screenplay can be found here.

And the local newspaper actually did a story on it here.

If you enjoy reading screenplays, or need something dumb to laugh at, I hope you dig it.