The Marionette - Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

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Hey Guys,

I finally launched the campaign for my short animated film - The Marionette on Zoomaal, a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter. I just want to share it with all my Nolan Fans peeps. I know I'm not very active on this site. 20+? posts only... But I really do visit this site on a daily basis. I'm the BIGGEST Nolan fan you can meet. He's my hero. I idolize him to the point where I want to be like him. This is my first step, so I hope you guys can help.

It's pretty weird that I'm starting with an animated film, Nolan never did one. But that's what I started with, so here's hoping it works out well. Please support this film. I've really put all my love and passion into it, and it's not possible to complete it without your help. Please share it with everyone you know. I need all the support I can get. Just getting the word out there is more important to me. So please share it on all the social media websites!

Thanks a bunch. It means a lot.

Here's the link: ... =135487601

I created a project called "The Marionette - Animated Short Film" on and looking for your help to raise funds for my project , please check my project link below and if you cannot contribute financially it would be great if you can spread the word about it

Thank you for your help in making my project a reality.

Zoomaal, the first online crowd funding platform looking to reveal the ambitions of independent talents in the Arab world. Recently featured on CNN, Forbes, Booz & Co, New York Times, Wamda, etc.

Basically, Zoomaal is about sharing your idea/project with the world. Anyone who likes what you are doing could support and fund you easily online (through credit card), while you focus on perfecting your project. Zoomaal raised more than 2 Million Dollars for several success stories.

the clip looks really good and it seems like you guys have your shit together. have you applied for any grants? by all means try crowdfunding but it's a tough nut to crack

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Not yet. I know its tough, hopefully we manage to get something... I just don't know how to get the word out, so it's really appreciated if anyone helps around here. Marketing is definitely my weak point... LOL

again no shame in crowdfunding (i'm actually involved in one right now hah) but if you're looking to grow your career, the general public is only going to get you so far. ask around about grants people have had success with. grants are tedious paperwork-filled nonsense but you already have a) all the pre-production info / proof of concept and b) experienced crew, which puts you in an exceptionally good position to get funding. i'd start a discussion about it with your animator. judging from what you wrote about him he's been around the block a few times and probably knows about this stuff (and if he doesn't, he has a network of people who do)

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$975 funded so far. Please support us!

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I support you boo boo. Mot financially buy soulfully yo.

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