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Kyle Higgins wrote:
prince0gotham wrote: Ha, no I won't, I'm behind on a lot of things not to mention I've never worked with even semi-professionals and never done something as good looking as your Superhero short. Everything's mostly in a 'planning out' state right now. I mean I am doing a short movie right now (which will be my first) but that comes with a noticeable level of sloppiness due to... a lot of things... I was hesitating to do something more serious when it comes to scenery and lighting, that's why I adjusted the script to something more domestic. And I still got problems, because I shoot at my home and the layout of this apartment just ain't suitable for something like this, shots and angles are ugly and so on. Anyway I'll have to swallow that and just hope its some good experience that will serve me later on.

Got a bit distracted there. What I meant is I'm happy that you earned attention and wish you the best cuz you got a great start there.
Thanks, man. Keep at it. I'm sure you hear that all the time, and I've HATED hearing it over the years, but yes-- every project, experience, etc is a learning experience. I have half a dozen shorts that I won't let anyone see, ever :)

What's your project about?

It's a movie about script-writing. All 4 characters are young struggling writers. My character has this daring theory about how a script writing process should be started and he's pretty obsessed with it, but has a problem with taking decisions which has pretty much kept him in a writer's block for quite a while and he's using a 'friend' of his (who's also a writer) for ideas. He made his friend make a huge list of interesting ideas, each of which could be a base for a script and be filmed eventually. He has also problems with accepting the fact that he's doing something wrong, which makes him even angrier and doesn't helpt at all.

Which ofc leads to the twist which is also ironic when related to his theory.

The movie is mostly dialogues and it will be in black and white, because this will ofcourse add to the grim disturbing feel that I aim for. I guess it could be called film noir, at least I imagine the result to have that feel. Not the detective story feel, more like a Following-feel. Except for murder scenes and such. Also having in mind most of it are scenes in interrior.

We're facing problems as I said though. 1st of all neither of us are actors. I got big problems with acting but for the moment I couldn't think of a way to explain to someone else how exactly to play the role (not that I think I'm able to play it exactly as I'd wish to be played but...). We're having problems with making the dialogue seem natural, we're having problems with the shots here in my apartment and we're also having problems with time because... for example tommorow will be the last day this friend of mine will be able to come and shoot with me. And that's the main reason why tommorow we'll have to do all of his parts of dialogue and lines, which would ofc let me later on do close up shots of me talking to myself without having to think about whether he'll be able to come at all or not. So yeah, tommorow we're filming his part of the dialogue and from then on I'm all alone here, which is kind of interesting and challenging, I wonder if I could be able to do it right. I mean tommorow we'll shoot the scenes in which we're both in frame. I think being alone could help my acting a bit, make it more loose because it will do away with the stress and time factors.

Sin City was shot a bit like this. I mean it was all shot on green screen which kind of made it possible for most actors not to be there at the same time. Bruce Willis never met Brittany Murphy, Elijah never fought Mickey Rourke and so on.

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Hey guys. I recently signed a deal to distribute the short through iTunes, launching this summer. So, with that in mind, I figured it was about time to cut a trailer.

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Nice! :)
David emerges from the store slowly. He braces himself against a parked car and then keeps on walking in a nightmarish daze.

WE PULL BACK as David blends in with dozens and dozens of ordinary people, walking on an ordinary street, in an ordinary city.

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Kyle Higgins wrote:Hey guys. I recently signed a deal to distribute the short through iTunes, launching this summer. So, with that in mind, I figured it was about time to cut a trailer.
Awesome work. Looks really amazing, well done. :thumbup:

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