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This was made for an introductory video production class. Very simple concept, very simple editing, no legit photography, just wanted to make a raw advertisement of this fake product called "L'Incassable." The pretentious French title is really just poking fun at the short we watched in class titled "Le Montage" that was supposed to influence us.

Still a work in progress.


Please critique it. I'd prefer constructive criticism.

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Not bad good concept, and a funny product.

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I hate it when people say how the tch stuff isn't professional and all and then it turns out to be 10 times better than what you have done!
Anyway, I liked it, and love the twisted endings. Almost lost my patience and was ready to give up on finishing it, but you did well with keeping it short so we would hang on! (BIG problem these days.
Then the ending isn't a worthwhile payoff. Keep it short, people!)

Simply out of curiosity, what editing system do you use?

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Final Cut Pro

Though we literally weren't allowed to use fancy schmancy editing. We had to keep it as simple as possible. Looks like it was done on Windows Movie Maker.

I actually just finished the final cut and will upload it shortly.

Thanks for the kind words!


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