The score for Batman 3?

David Julyan, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, and Ludwig Göransson
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How do you guys think the style of the Batman 3 score will be? The Batman Begins score has a different style than The Dark Knight's score. What kind of rhythm could JNH & Zimmer could do for Batman 3? Considering that Batman is known as a villain but also dealing with different responsibilities I could go with a mix with both styles of BB & TDK.

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I think that BB and TDK is very much the same type of composing - and I think that Batman 3 will also be in the style. Don't fix something which isn't broken :thumbup:

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Well, I think we can all say that it will be darker. Much darker.

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it will be dark but towards the end it will have redemtion.
(f that makes sense)

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#1fan wrote:it will be dark but towards the end it will have redemtion.
(f that makes sense)
darker, more powerful, you see TDK ost was a triumphant evolution of BB ost, this exact thing has to happen with the third film.

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Probably an expansion of The Dark Knight's score, maybe a move towards further defining music for the characters.

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I think a lot of it will have to do with who the antagonist of the film is going to be. The Joker was a key component of The Dark Knight score, so I think we'll have to wait until they release that information to make a more accurate assumption. But I know it will definitely have a sense of resolve, or completion if you will. 8-)

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Would love if Hanz Zimmer went back to some of his old opera/emotional themed music for this one:
Tracks like: ... 8BA63BB852 (1.20-2.20) (0.50-1.28) ... re=related (entire, perfect for a Batman redemption scene) (entire, also epic)

I know that none of these tracks are Batman-themed (why should they be) - Im just talking about the feel and the way of composing soundtrack with a great emotional depth.

I think we can expect that Batman 3 will be beyond epic and emotional. Hans ZImmers more emotional music could fit into a ending like that.

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Is James Newton Howard gonna be scoring this as well?

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I think it'll be gritter, more substantially based in shadowy sounds and atmosphere, but still sweeping and energetic overall with the character development dictating the particular themes and motifs of the music

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