What if this movie is inside Jokers mind?

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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Think about it.... after the Dark Knights success they must have been brain storming of ways to bring back the joker in the third movie. After the dark knight we know that the Joker is locked up in the asylum. He was such a great character in the movie that you sat on the edge of your seat when he appeared on camera. You can't top that amazing performance by heath by introducing a new villian. Everyone will say the dark knight was better. The only way to do it is a first person perspective of the jokers mind. Since he is border line insane, his perception of peoples image would be altered. There are similar characters in Inception from the batman films. The whole Inception movie could be an imagination inside the jokers mind. The ending of Inception could be with Leo in an insane aslyum with a guard approaching the cell telling him he has visitors. Enter Leutinent Gordon and Bruce Wayne end film!

It leaves everyone going WTF????

Alternate ending....guard introduces gordn and wayne to leo. The camera turns back to leo,(from the perspective of Gordon and Wayne) and we see The Joker, The Heath Ledger Joker with the unused footage from the dark knight. It still might be to insensitive to use footage and maybe they won't.

Chris said he had written the script ten years ago, so Warnere Bros probaly asked him to put a twist on it. Ticket sales would stay more steady for a longer pace, kinda like avatar did. It wouldn't shatter opening day records, because no one knows any thing about the film, but it will probally make more money than the dark knight.

p.s. I'm a huge fan of physics and Einstein so when Nolan says the movie will be 4D check this 4D cube out on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_jKXFSgZAQ. Combine that cube with the first official image of Inception(The one with Leo in a suit and the weird walls and background)

p.p.s. it gives me a bonner just thinking about how awesome this movie will be

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But Inception isn't a Batman film.

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well, according to someone on these forums, there are reasons why inception could be Batman 2.5 too so... this doesn't surprise me at all :| , though this post was a bit more messy

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I hate trolls. :roll:

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Inception has NOTHING to do with Batman! For someone to even think that it has ANYTHING to do with the franchise is nonsensical! It is a completely DIFFERENT story that Nolan had an idea for before he ever started the new Batman franchise.

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but nolan been working on this movie for 10 years....so ur saying he was working on batman 2.5 before he even knew he would do batman begins?

stop with the silliness

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Just....f_uck no man!

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akv1984 wrote:Just....f_uck no man!

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No, but.... What if Inception is inside Harry Potter's mind?

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