Cobbs totem

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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Does anyone know if there are any 'blueprints' of Cobbs exact totem from the movie? I'm not talking about the cheap fakes that float around the net, but the real deal. I want to make one of my own :)


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The one that comes with the Blue-ray-suitcase edition is pretty accurate I think, the only difference is the material its made of.

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There are loads all over the internet but I don't know which one is considered to be most accurate - I'd say find the more good quality ones i.e. reasonably expensive ones and compare to see which looks most accurate because not all of them do.

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Pretty sweet! Good luck

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I've been looking for it too.

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mratm23 wrote:I've been looking for it too.
But the Blu-ray set. Or there's plenty spare totems on eBay that go cheap. They are real easy to find.

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