The MOST Thorough Explanation!

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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First of all, I hope to god this hasn't been posted yet, if it has, then you all have the right to bash me and call me a noob. Also I won't be offended if the mods/admins were to join in the fun as well.

I found this explanation on IMDb very interesting.

Now, the reason I believe it is the most thorough explanation is because it answered over 90% of the questions I've had since last Saturday after watching Inception.

What I like most about this thread is that it relies heavily on dialogue that's actually in the movie. It all really makes sense, but of course it could use confirmation from a closer look at the movie once it either comes out on DVD or if "someone manages to obtain a digital copy of the film without the exchange of currency." :shifty:

The author also understand the key concept that an explanation for this movie relies on what's actually in the movie rather than what we don't see. A lot of Nolanfans and others rely on what we don't see, and thus go to wild conclusions.

I'll summarize/paraphrase some key concepts that really made me happy:

Why did Arthur not get kicked after the van hit the bridge railing?
The car falling off the bridge doesn't kick Arthur out because they were talking about waking up while heavily sedated with a "special kind of kick", meaning a synchronized kick. To get out from a level to the upper level, you'll need a kick from both the upper level and the current level you're in. Arthur only received the kick from the van but he didn't manage to create the kick at the same level, so he still remained at the hotel level.

Recall, after the van hit the bridge railing and started falling, Arthur (or someone) exclaimed "too soon!" or something to that extent.

Why does Eames blow up the fort? And how does Fischer get out of limbo?
Fishers kick to get out of limbo was both: the free fall in limbo and the defibrillator. This is stated clearly by Ariadne before her and Cobb enter. "How will you get him out"
"We will create a kick for Fisher while we are in there. As soon as the music starts use the defibrillator. When it stops, blow the charges."

How do you get kicked out of limbo?
It is never said anywhere in the movie that you can't be brought out of limbo with a kick. People just made that up. - it was never explored. Fisher had not been in long enough for it to consume his mind as it would have for Saito. "Well, its worth a shot."
If she plays cranium she gives good brainium.

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lol you obnoxious idiot
If she plays cranium she gives good brainium.

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You were probably so nervous to post this back in 2010.

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reminds me of my threads

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prince0gotham wrote:reminds me of my threads
prince I love yer threads just want u to know

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The IMDb thread mentioned in the OP is long gone, of course. (IMDb trims the Inception board down to about two months' worth of threads. No doubt they've nuked at least 528,491 threads by this time. ;) )

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