Favorite track from the Official Soundtrack

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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Time is my favorite. It has the ability to make my heart pound and my eyes water at the same time. Very few songs have the ability to do that.

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Mombasa is the best track, I've been playing it nearly every morning when I start the car and head to work.

I'm working on a remix for it too. :thumbup:
If she plays cranium she gives good brainium.

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DKnight007 wrote:TIME is my favorite track....without a doubt for me. Check out the INCEPTION premiere live performance below.....simply EPIC!
that's really awesome

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it's the last track "time"....it reminds me a bit of david julyan memento theme...

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Christopher Nolan wrote:it's the last track "time"....it reminds me a bit of david julyan memento theme...
Yea, I noticed that too. I think its because this soundtrack is more electronic than Hans's other ones.

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'Waiting On A Train' is my favorite 8-)

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Time easily. I listened to it before the movie came out here and it sounded great. Now, after seeing the movie I get chills from it.

Beyond that, all the pieces are great.

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Gotta go with the majority here and say Time as well. I think the whole score is superb, but this piece is just fantastically done and goes with the final scenes so well. Overall it's a great score from Zimmer whose music is really starting to feel like an integral part of the Nolan universe.

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Not a big fan of Hans Zimmer, and really think movie music is way over done.

Somehow though, this soundtrack was perfectly done in every way. It's a masterpiece and I love it all.

Especially the music comparison between the loud, low brass stuff in 3/4 and the slowed down musical cue of that old song that they hear when waking up in 6/8. Just brilliant!

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