I am dumbfounded. My personal experience with Inception.

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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Basically, I can't quite comprehend the weight of what I just experienced. As Kelly put, it's easily the most immediately impactful film I've ever seen, and likely become one of the most ever for me. As has only happened a handful of times prior, I find the vast majority of art somehow weakened, somehow poisoned, possibly even penetrated, infected. Infected by the most resilient form of parasite, an idea. The idea that this specific artistic medium of film no longer exists within the confines of what only now appears as muted, mundane, stale ultimately uninspired garbage. Boosting the might of Christopher Nolan, three others in my brief catalogue of perspective shattering works come from the man, them being Memento, The Prestige and The Dark Knight obviously. The former so aptly telling me to fuck any pre-conceived notions assigned to the rules of film-narrative. The Prestige, toying with its complex narrative, darkly obsessive characters, incorporating a completely unconventional 'out of left field' plot device, while finishing with several of the best twists I've seen. Yes. Several. The Dark Knight? Do I even need to say? Seriously, here's a film that managed to make a realistic and believable crime epic about a rich asshole who dresses up as a bat in armor who enjoys battling an insane clown who likes making up stories about his past. Damn silly. Only, it's some of the most psychologically terrifying cinema I've ever seen while also claiming an almost unrelentless plot momentum, despite it's length.

Which brings me to my point. No longer do I have the luxury of enjoying cinema the same way. no longer do I have the joy of potentially enjoying a film of any kind in the same light. Why? Inception literally planted an idea in my mind I'm struggling to keep out. If a film like this -can- be made, a film so nearly perfect, so utterly beyond the wildest expectations of what I thought was possible for a film of any kind to accomplish, all turns to grey. There is a time for specifics in the weeks, months and even years to come as the depth of Inception requires for any wholly satisfying finality to my thoughts, ideas, and emotions regarding the film.

When I saw Alice in Wonderland and saw JOHNNY DEPP dancing at the end I quite honestly questioned my sanity, questioned my belief in any form of reality as the utter appalling nature of what was on screen could NOT have been truly put to film. Yet it was. Inception thrusts me into a similar, albeit severely more extreme state of being.

I no longer can view film the same way. Somehow, against all rational odds, Christopher Nolan just implanted this... this.. parasite, this idea in the heads of what will hopefully millions of people...

The power of inspiration, the might of creation, the impacting, life changing force of inception truly is absolutely limitless.

And somehow... Nolan made it look easy. Damn easy.

I wrote this after being awake for what is quite along time with limited drink and food, so if there are spelling errors or its poorly-written, my apologies. I just had to get this out there.

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Considering my views on cinema, I might have a similar reaction as you did...and I'm worried.

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Twitter reactions and Facebook reactions are insane. Makes me wonder what film some of these critics who trashed it were watching. :lol:

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cant wait. tonight is the night for me.

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They didn't watch it...

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Nicely written, way more eloquent than mine haha. But I just couldnt afford the patience of writing about it like that lol.

By the way, dont think of the elephant.

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Hope it's not 100% truth in waht you're telling, cause there is only one Nolan on director's chair ;)

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Just arrived back. Incredible cinema. Just wow. I don't know what to say, and that a real rarity with me. :shock: :shock:

Oh and the critics who said the film was cold, what the hell were they watching?? I teared up several times, do these people live lonely lives in rooms full of dusty old film reels and just don't understand what its like to live life?

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Great thread. Well said Vader182.

:JGLface: "Agreed"

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