Who are seeing Inception with

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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I'm going with my family, assuming that they won't talk randomly during the film. I'll watch it again with friends after that.

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I'm going to the first performance on Friday (it'll be between 12pm and 2pm) on my own, then up to the IMAX with 3 friends in the evening to see it.

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seen it yesterday, I took my parents to see it and gonna see it in IMAX on friday with some friends

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I'm going with my girlfriend, but It will be me who will ask questions during and after movie :)
Next time is an open case, if I got the whole plot I will go with friends and probably I will be answering :)
If not, I go with girl :)

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I'm going with two of my friends, and maybe if it's so incredibly well done I'll give it a second viewing with my dad and his friend.

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I'll be going to the midnight show with my fiancee' assuming she doesn't have work in the morning.

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With a few friends the first time in IMAX, then I'll see it by myself afterwards. :D

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dagn96 wrote:
Christopher Nolan wrote:i'm going with my girlfriend ( :roll: ), and two friends..
I'm betting that she's gonna ask you questins about the movie during and after. :lol:
jep, that's excatly what will happen. actually she didnt want to see this movie. she changed her mind yesterday and now, she wants to go with me. i just hope she wont ask many questions during the film...after the film is no problem..

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I'll be seeing the movie at a midnight showing Thurday by myself, don't want anyone with me who will be a distraction, but there will be a bunch fans that will be there obcourse. Full house I hope. The 2nd or 3rd time I see it will probly be with loved ones/friends.

BTW, Hello Chris! Thanks for making great work. :clap:

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2 Friends the first time.

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