Inception Cast on Late Night Talk Shows (week of July 12)

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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1. Marion Cotillard - Tues 7/13 - on Craig Ferguson
2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Wed 7/14 - on David Letterman
3. Ellen Page - Thurs 7/15 - on Jay Leno
4. Joseph Gordon Levitt - Fri 7/16 - on Jimmy Fallon

thought some of you would be interested in watching these (four) episodes featuring Inception stars... :D

So yep JGL appears twice next week on both Letterman and Jimmy Fallon. :lol:

(record and tell us what you think)


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thx for the info... :thumbup:

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I wish Chris would do Charlie Rose.

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Would like to see Ellen on Leno, but I'll be in line! I will be watching Sir :JGLface:

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Which channel is Ferguson on?

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No Leo? also, keep an eye out for the daytime and morning shows like The View and Regis and Kelly.

thanks for the list by the way...

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chee wrote:Which channel is Ferguson on?
CBS after Letterman. Ellen's also going to be on Late Late Show on Friday (I wouldn't be surprised at all if both segments are taped on the same day - since Ferguson tends to do advanced tapings if they're unavailable on other days).

Interbridge is the best place for the talk shows information - Nolan is going to be on Tavis Smiley on Thursday, Tavis rocks as an interviewer.

As previously stated JGL will be doing the majority of the press during daytime and late time. Though Leo's also going to be on Good Morning America on Wednesday and CBS' The Early Show on Thursday (most likely pre-recorded, etc).

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:lol: :lol: Well played, sir.

Also, what about the morning shows? I remember someone saying that JGL was going to be on The View next week as well, makes sense since it's in NYC (I think), so he could stop by there in the morning and hit Letterman in the afternoon. Anyone know about Ellen, The Today Show, GMA, Regis and Kelly, etc.? Makes sense that they would go on a few of them...

EDIT: Ok, I'm at work and totally skimmed past the several comments asking about/discussing the morning talk shows. Sorry bout that. Soooo, anyway... :lol:
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Thanks for the Interbridge link

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