Inception -Movie Novel

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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Since the early reviews are piling up....... the constant words being used are "mind bending" "need multiple viewings" ......
so can v expect any movie novel it may tie-in with Inception dvd release .....
ealier movies like 2001:A space oddyssey book released along with the movie can v expect the same ..if so i am waiting Chris to pen the novel :) ..... but though it may take out some mysteriority in the film like it did for 2001 :roll:

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Nah, movie novels are stupid. I doubt they will do it.

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I go to movies to escape literacy.

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Eternalist wrote:I go to movies to escape literacy.

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Eternalist wrote:I go to movies to escape literacy.
Yes. And yet the movie classes I want to take are offered by the English department. :lol:

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Some people complain that you can't turn novels into movies. I think the opposite is much more true, because a movie is much, much, much more than a story. With literature, yeah, the style of prose is a big thing, but film has much, much more. It's not just word choice - there are a thousand more variables at work, from directing to acting to the kind of filmstock used. A novel can be written by just one person, and usually is - not so for something like Inception. To prove my point, has anyone read the novelisation for TDK? Nice try, but really not that great.

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chee wrote:Nah, movie novels are stupid. I doubt they will do it.
they did one for the batman movies

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I want a book version too. I would love to read the best story of the year.

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I remember seeing a Prestige novel with the cover looking exceptionally like the Chris Nolan movie, but I would think that the content is from Christopher Priest's version.

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I was going to make a topic about this, but I think this one is perfect.

Personally, I think doing an novel of inception is just unnecessary, but.. If they do more stories in the same universe, it's going to be great, like they did in the comic "Cobol's Job", So here goes the question..

It's possible to make an authorized same-universe-but-different-characters novel of inception?

:JGLface: Look! Artur Approves this =)

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