inception fans predict RT score

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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i predict 94% with 8.2 average score what's your guess guys

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I'm gonna go with a 0% and a 0.0 rating just so I'm not over-hyping.

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@chee thanks for your reply bro

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I think it'll get somewhere between 89-94%.

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I shall now use arithmetic for my prediction because quite honestly who the hell knows since no one has actually seen it yet.

Here goes: Following= 80% Memento= 93% Insomnia= 92% Batman Begins= 85% Prestige= 75% Dark Knight= 94%

Average= 86.5

So there you have it... Inception 87% rating
Thats excellent & we should all be happy if it receives that score. Expectations are through the roof from us Nolan fans but don't get too caught up with what "critics" say. Roger Ebert gave Watchmen 4 stars for christ sake!

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85% :batface:

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I'll go with 88%, 7.8/10 average rating. Then I'll go on to predict 81% for the top critics, a metascore of 77, and a peak on IMDb at 8.7, settling down at 8.4.
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I'd start with a 5.0 when I get into the cinema, and increase/decrease the rating as the movie progresses

oh wait, probably i won't have time to do that during the viewing :mrgreen:

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I expect greater than 80%!!!!!!nt more expectations!!!! cud b shattered!!!!

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90 to 96%

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