How Inception could be continued

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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Have you ever dreamed about Inception's sequel? Have you ever thought on what was meant at the end of the film when Dominick Cobb spinned a top? I'm sure you did.

Some time ago I've started to think about how Inception could be continued. I've spinned in my mind different story lines. Could you please read one of them and if it is possible develop it further with me?

The idea is the following:
The whole movie which we saw was the dream of Dominick Cobb who entered a limbo. Do you remember that his wife suicided and told to Dominick that the real life is just a dream? It is true and his wife waked up from a dream after a suicide.

In real life Dominick lies in a bed in a hospital in a coma after he and his wife were crashed in a car accident. His wife came out of the coma, after a suicide in a dream.

In real life Dominick and his wife also were proffessionals in Inception. His wife regularly Incepting into Dominic's dreams who is in a coma, do you remember that in movie Dominick often saw his wife? It was because of her Inceptions.

Now if you are interested in developing story line, we could do it together and offer to Christopher Nolan ;)

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cool story bro

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That sounds pretty bad. It ends with him finally seeing his kids, out of the dream world for good, why would you want to change that?

Inception will never get a sequel. Even made-up versions just seem wrong.

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I've always imagined any sort of follow on from Inception would not involve Cobb at all. However the rest of the team is fair game. Like an Eames movie would be fun.

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Making a sequel removes ambiguity from the 'dream vs. reality' debate. For all we know, Chris was aiming for the ambiguity. So, no sequel. Nope.

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New inception contracts? Inception II: Inception Harder.

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I think a prequel would just be amazing..But it will never happen!

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I could see Inception having a prequel before a sequel.
A sequel wouldn't even seem right with the way that it ended.

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No, please. :judge: No sequel and no prequel!!

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