How Inception could be continued

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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Whoiam wrote:No, please. :judge: No sequel and no prequel!!
How about a prequel to the sequel?

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Darn it people, the only option is an Animatrix equivalent.

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Please no sequel for Inception. Some movies are evergreen and they should not be continued. Inception is one of them.

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Ok...i've hesitated to post this because it's so far out from the last reply (several YEARS) and Inception is basically a non topic these days. However, the OP's premise is flawed in several ways that make this topic's replies from fans valid and on point. I won't post my "dissertation" here lol, but i'm considering posting it if anyone actually still wants to evaluate and discuss a 7 year old movie lol. I think that the perception that Nolan intentionally created ambiguity in the true nature of his story's continuity and layers is also flawed. While I 100% believe that ambiguity is built into the film's theme and premise, and that's the only way to even begin to create a hidden plot or story, I also think there are not only transparent clues but also easter eggs that make me feel confident that I've at least come across a plausible (and pretty thorough) explanation not only for the first movie, but one that organically flows into a sequel that has just as profound a cliffhanger end as the first. AND...if it is reasonable, it would essentially double the franchise's revenue because of the number of people who would re-watch the first movie to catch the clues. Like LOTR, they could even do a double release, collector's edition etc. :P

The OP's original thought is also flawed based on the very real rules regarding Intellectual Property - so any sequel would likely NOT result in some huge acclaim - but, how cool would it be if it actually WAS a good, sound idea and it was made into a movie?!?!?! I know, dreamy eyes and with my little fan fiction story lol! I wouldn't care about the money, I would just love it if I was on the right track! The couple people I've told say it seems like I might have cracked the code, but so many other people believe they have as well and I can shoot their theories down pretty quick - so maybe I'll just keep my wild ideas to myself....maybe :P

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Gotham 75 wrote:I could see Inception having a prequel before a sequel.
A sequel wouldn't even seem right with the way that it ended.
This is really the only chance. Cobb, Arthur, and Eames are involved in a pre-COBOL extraction heist. Mal is still with Cobb, they are in the U.S., and whatever it is that they do/did is every bit more imaginative than the inception job they did. More espionage and less action.

Reason I say that is because I just think a sequel would make things too heavy-handed and say "We must up the ante. More 'splosions and slo-mo everywhere!" The best follow-up films that are made normally have the director and writer ask themselves: "What are the best intimate ideas that we can spill on this canvas while still being better than last time?" That's what I think Nolan did with TDK (and didn't do with TDKR), that's what I think Lasseter and crew did with the Toy Story sequels, and that's where I think most people want Nolan to take his career when Interstellar came in a somewhat less-than-blockbuster fashion.

Otherwise, you're going to get a camp (especially in this thread) that will ask just for one-and-done. Inception was quite enough, and when you touch something and canonize it, it literally can ruin what the original gave us. They want Saw to come back, and I'm honestly hoping for a Jigsaw Chronicles type of miniseries instead that takes place in between the events of Saw II - VII. Shoot, even Nolan was looking at other outlets such as a video game for Inception. Some options are better than others for the sake of integrity.

The problem with my idea of extraction is it's not as creative on its own as an inception is, which is why what would have been perfect is if Nolan planned a two-film arc to begin with and Inception was the sequel. That would have been very well served for audiences everywhere, especially because the "exposition content" would have been spread out through both films a little better.

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no means no, whether it's sex or sequel

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eponavet wrote:a non topic these days
There will never come a day when Inception will be "non topic". If it's not discussed here, it doesn't mean that there is no discussions, interpretations and, simply, reviews on other sites and forums...

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