Runtime announced on imdb

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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I was actually worried about the trailers and the TV spots thinking they might have spoiled some of the magic, now I know best. 2:20!, shit, we haven't seen anything.

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142 minutes :o Now thats what I am talking about!!! Why the hell then LEO said in a very early interview that Inception is 2 hours , give or take?? Anyways, I am happy :D
He probably wasn't including the credits, which will take up a few minutes by itself with all the CGI and location shots, etc.
This gives me hope that the soundtrack will be a hell of a long one now. :)

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thanks man awesome news 8-)

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Fantastic to know now that the runtime will be long,and we haven't seen everything yet from the film,
there's still so much to see 8-) .

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So the lady from the russian WB was right. I think, that's about perfect runtime, I just wonder - are the credits included?

I have the feeling, that it may be one of the fastest 142 minutes in our lives. :)

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Galadh wrote:I have the feeling, that it may be one of the fastest 142 minutes in our lives. :)
Perfectly said :D

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nolan can handle time very good, so i I'm not concerned..

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movieman1005 wrote:Will be the greatest use of 2 and a half hours this year.
Same as me. This year kinda sucks. Only these 2 hours in IMAX should be GREAT!!! :D :D

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The_Maestro wrote:Runtime means nothing. Nolan could direct a 20 minute film about a phone book directory and I'm there.

speaking of which....lemme watch doodlebug again!

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