watch tv spot 3 here!

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.

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New scene, when Leo talk with Cillian, new line something like "There's one thing you should know about me, that you have access to your mind through your dream, it's called Inception" :thumbup:

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These TV spots are epic. Thanks for posting this.

Although, we need to find a way to get these video files off your DVRs and onto our YouTube channel. ;)

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Thanks. Great. :thumbup:

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Awesome. Glad someone was able to record it. I saw it on ABC earlier but I don't have a DVR. :lol:

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I hope I can see a TV spot soon. :D

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I have the Lakers/Jazz game recorded, it had 2 different TV spots on em'. Really awesome.

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nice tv spot...

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Genius! I love these spots, they're so well done!

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