Nolan's Next Film

Speculation and discussion about Christopher Nolan's possible and confirmed future projects.
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Yeah the wait for Dunkirk was the longest since BB. I hope his next movie comes out in summer 2019. Wouldn't mind a smaller project again, like The Prestige.

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Dobson wrote:Yeah the wait for Dunkirk was the longest since BB. I hope his next movie comes out in summer 2019. Wouldn't mind a smaller project again, like The Prestige.
:twothumbsup: This is what I'm waiting for.

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Mantis Toboggan wrote:Warner Brothers does have an event film scheduled for August 2nd 2019. This could easily end up being Nolan's next film.
Great date! It would be my birthday!

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I don't think August would be a good month for a Nolan movie. It's becoming such a stale month for movies, and July feels like the playing field Nolan is comfortable with placing his movies in, Interstellar being an exception.

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I think August is actually a great month BECAUSE it's becoming stale. This year Dunkirk had A LOT of competition in July with the Apes and Spider-Man. Had Valerian been a success i would have been even worse. So August seems like a better release date now for Nolan. No competition! I think September or October might be even better, especially if he made a horror movie.

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If Nolan's next film is going to be released in 2019, I'm pretty sure July is out of the question as The Lion King already has that prime July spot that Nolan loves.

August would be cool, I can see that happen, but we've had a pattern from The Dark Knight Rises to Interstellar and Interstellar to Dunkirk... around 2.5 years of wait between each release, so I feel like Q4 2019 is the most likely next release date.

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I remember reading that he had a great relationship with Mr. Horn before he left WB for Disney.

So if Mr. Nolan really wants the July 2019 date for his next film, there is a possibility that it can happen.

All he has to do is call up Mr. Horn and say, "Hey, old pal, you know what the third weekend of July means to me, and The Lion King will be a hit no matter where it opens, so could you shuffle it around a bit?"

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lol it doesn't work like that

Really hope August 2019 is going to be it, that means two years to goooooo

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Of course it doesn't work like that usually.

But he's the most powerful director in Hollywood, and Mr. Horn "oversees worldwide operations for The Walt Disney Studios including production, distribution, and marketing for live-action and animated films from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm":

If the two are friends, then I don't see why not.

Am I reaching? Yes, but only because I can't fathom an August release date. :P

Mr. Nolan is an old-school filmmaker, and from the old-school POV, August is a non-prestige month.

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Mr. Prestige aren't going to settle for August also known as the dumping ground.

If a Nolan film does arrive in 2019 then October seems to be the most likely date.