Nolan's Next Film

Speculation and discussion about Christopher Nolan's possible and confirmed future projects.
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With Dunkirk's release coming up very soon (where have the last three years gone?), it's almost time to start speculating over what his next project might be... Will he take us on another science fiction adventure, tackle another true story or possibly direct the next Bond film? Whatever it may be, #innolanwetrust
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I heard Han Solo needs a director.

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That's for Kathleen to fix, Nolan staying far far away from that mess lol

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Nomis wrote:That's for Kathleen to fix, Nolan staying far far away from that mess lol
Nolan needs to stay the fuck away from Disney altogether.

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After Dunkirk, I wouldn't mind him making a movie about the Great Emu war.

Another criminally underrepresented event in war history.

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I'm sensing another Detective movie

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I just want Nolan's Lawrence of Arabia. A sprawling 4 hour historical epic shot entirely in IMAX.

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I still want a horror film. Or another sci-fi spectacle. Or both, that would be the best.

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I want him to make the rounds of the major genres. An Imax horror film and western would be incredible. Bond seems likely as well, although I'm less enthused about him doing that. It seems apparent that his long awaited passion project will be the Hughes film. Written around Memento, I'd expect it to potentially be his opus. Perhaps he'll do it when he finishes his epic phase.

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