Mr. Hughes Bio adaption

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Interesting interview. Sounds like he had this interview when he took some time off post The Dark Knight Rises release. The magazine, it seems like, it published the interview in summer 2013. And I don't think he's going to do Howard Hughes film as he has stated personally that the project's been dead.

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Without a doubt, this should be Nolan's next movie.

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I am not sure about validity of the interview but the fact that he has repeatedly said that it is the best thing he has written or that its his favorite script, I am sure Scorsese comparisons won't stop him from making the movie, made sense not to create rivalry and comparison with such a great director in early part of your career, hopefully in few years Nolan will revisit this.

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Do we have the script available? :gonf:

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Jonah on the project
I know your brother tried to get a Howard Hughes bio-pic off the ground that didn't quite happen, and you both worked on a "The Prisoner" re-launch that wound up not materializing. Are there any other great missed opportunities you've had to endure?
Well, I wasn't involved in Chris' Hughes project, but it remains one of the very greatest scripts I've ever read. It's astonishing. I think he's on the record as saying he just took too long writing it, but however long it took, you had Scorsese's DiCaprio project ("The Aviator") in there, and as is often the case in Hollywood, sometimes you get to make 'em and sometimes you don't. I hope at some point he goes back and makes that, because that was an incredible script.

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He was asked about the Hughes biopic in The Daily Beast's interview.
TDB: One of the more fascinating projects I read about that never came to fruition was your Howard Hughes biopic starring Jim Carrey. How devastating was it to have to scrap that when The Aviator went into production, and do you think you’d ever revisit it?

Nolan: I was definitely like, Fuck. I think it’s the best script I’ve ever written, and I had a really wonderful experience writing it. Yeah, it was a frustrating experience that the other movie got going. Will I revisit it? I have no idea. I really don’t think about what I’m going to do next until I’m completely finished, and for the next couple of weeks I’m still all about Interstellar. I wouldn’t necessarily rule it out, but I wrote it a long time ago. ... nkind.html

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That whole interview is great.

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Yeah, just read it. Pleasant read. Good questions.

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Also, just quickly, it occurs to me that Matthew McConaughey would make a great Howard Hughes for Nolan.

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