Who ought to be Nolan's next cinematographer?

Speculation and discussion about Christopher Nolan's possible and confirmed future projects.
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The Reason Christopher Nolan Films Look Like Christopher Nolan Films: http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainmen ... ms/260087/

Assuming one wants the visual technique of Christopher Nolan that we've come to know and love to continue post-Pfister, the article argues that he needs to find a DP who'll share "similar aesthetics and technical passions." So, maybe instead of who you'd like to see be his next cinematographer, who do you think would do the best job of preserving the director's aesthetics?

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Don't over estimate Pfister's importance. He is a great DP. One of the best right at the moment. But, Pfister himself told that the most important part of a movie is not how you light a movie but what's the story of this movie.

Nolan can be a DP. Following already have the aesthetics of all his movies so don't worry too much. Nolan, it's first a story experience then everything else (casting, music, editing, light, sound, stunt & sfx)

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Could be Peter Deming who was Nolan's first choice to be DOP for Memento but he turned it down and Chris hired Wally instead.

He must be kicking himself now mind for turning that one down :lol:


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Roger. Fucking. Deakins. 8-)

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Nolan should do all the jobs with Michael Caine as the only actor.

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It would be depressing if Nolan's films looked crap without Wally Pfister.
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WhyDoWeFall1 wrote:Roger. Fucking. Deakins. 8-)
He won't work with him, Deakins went digital.

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John Mathieson


Roger Deakins

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Deakins or Emmanuel Lubezki.

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No way. Nolan/Pfister is my brotp. A Nolan film is nothing without Pfister.

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