The Films Nolan should direct

Speculation and discussion about Christopher Nolan's possible and confirmed future projects.
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I'd like to see Christopher Nolan direct the fighter 2!

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A Popeye film with Tom Hardy as Popeye, Elizabeth Debicki as Olive Oyl, and Jason Momoa as Bluto. Someone on Instagram did a fake poster with Debicki and Momoa as those two characters, and I thought it was great! If I remember correctly they used Jason Statham as Popeye, but I think Hardy's personality fits better for the role.

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In another thread, I said I wonder if the fact that Jordan Peele beat Nolan to the punch with Nope as the first horror film to have scenes shot with IMAX cameras (with Hoyte, no less) will inspire Nolan to do a horror film next. Others on here have mentioned how it seems inevitable that Nolan will tackle horror eventually, especially since he’s kind of flirted with it throughout his career. And with the Oppenheimer teaser having a kind of nightmarish tone to it, it feels like he’s really pushing more in that direction, so a straight horror definitely seems like a logical next step for him.
“It’s very rare to get a great scenario for a horror movie that really holds up and would really justify the time. There are some incredible horror movies, but not that many I suppose. It’s tough, but it’s definitely something I would be interested in exploring at some point. I’m in no rush, I’ve got time to try different things, but it’s certainly on my mind.”
I know Nolan has said that he doesn’t decide on projects according to what genres he has yet to explore as if he were crossing things off a checklist, and that he’s more driven by how much an individual story speaks to him on its own… but given how much he idolizes someone like Kubrick—who is known for having made great films across many different genres—I like to think part of him still aspires to stretch and challenge himself in a similar way if certain kinds of stories that he’s interested in telling seem like a good fit for a particular genre that he hasn’t explored yet.

Nolan’s already made several films that have at least one kind of genre counterpart within Kubrick’s filmography: Interstellar is his 2001 of course, Dunkirk is his Paths of Glory/Full Metal Jacket, Oppenheimer will sort of be his Spartacus (biopic/historical drama), Inception, Interstellar, and TDKR contain dystopian/sci-fi elements like A Clockwork Orange, Following/Memento/Insomnia are kind of like his The Killing (early work, crime/noir). Nolan is pretty much terrified of doing a comedy, so I’m not sure if we’ll ever get his Dr. Strangelove….. now I’m not saying that Nolan is trying to model his career after Kubrick’s exactly, but given that he such a huge admirer of his work, it makes sense to me that he would be interested in tackling horror given that The Shining is a pretty major work within Kubrick’s filmography and his most populist film.

If Nolan makes a horror film right after Oppenheimer, it would interestingly come at the same point in his career as The Shining came in Kubrick’s. The Shining was released in 1980, 27 years after Fear and Desire, Kubrick’s debut film. If we assume Nolan’s next film will come out in 2026, that will be 27 years after Following, Nolan’s debut film.   

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