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I remember people talked here about the possibility of Nolan financing a big budget movie from his own money. Coppola seems to do that with Megalopolis. According to him he spends 100 million on it. So if no studios wants Nolan anymore, we have a Plan B :lol:

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I know Nolan doesn't think or approach his films in terms of genres but more in term of the story, but considering that Inception was in his way his take on the heist film, Interstellar, the sci-fi/space opera film, Dunkirk, the war/survival film, Tenet, the spy film, and now, the biopic with Oppenheimer, the next things I would like him to approach are the western, the horror movie(I mean, a straight horror movie) and the road-movie, especially this one, where he could totally bring and play with conceptual things revolving around time/tension in a very interesting way(his Mad Max Fury Road).

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With Oppenheimer probably dealing with a lot of great and larg landscapes(with all the test's field in New Mexico and the Trinity test etc...), I think we can allude that a western made by Christopher Nolan is on its way in a very near future!

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I Would like to see his take on a disaster film.

He obviously has an awareness for ecological collapse (Interstellar/tenet) nice way to fill in the gap of this sort of Nolan-verse. Plus plenty of reason for IMAX.

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