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I think my DC days are over ... 187_1.html
I never make plans so far ahead. But I had an amazing experience in India, and I definitely want to come back and work more in India with Indian actors. I don't know what I'm doing next
Well, so far, that's where we're standing at, concerning what's next for him.

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So what are y'all guessing his next Indian based flick might be about ? (all Indian cast wya)

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Would love for him to film more in India, it's one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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Don't get me wrong, but I'd love to see an older Christian Bale return for a Batman movie. Not now for sure, but in like 10 years time or so? Hell to the yeah

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Christian Bale is good, but it is not known what and how will turn out in 10 years. Not that I wish someone bad, but as the current time shows, anything can happen to the most wonderful people.

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Maybe it's just me, but if you look closely at his entire filmography, I have the feeling that he always alternate a straightforward/grounded in reality film with a fantastical/sci-fi film, or a film with fantastical/sci-fi concepts coming from his mind.
I mean if you take a look, at least starting from his DK trilogy :

-Following(straightforward/grounded in reality)
-Memento(straightforward/grounded in reality)
-Insomnia(straightforward/grounded in reality)
-Batman Begins(straightforward/grounded in reality)
-The Prestige(fantastical film/concepts)
-The Dark Knight(straightforward/grounded in reality)
-Inception(fantastical/sci-fi elements/concepts)
-The Dark Knight Rises(straightforward/grounded in reality)
-Interstellar(sci-fi film/concepts)
-Dunkirk(straightforward/grounded in reality)
-Tenet(sci-fi film/concepts/some sort of synthesis of Inception and his sci-fi concepts/obsession with time)

So again, maybe it's just me, but I have a feeling that his next film will be something more straightforward/realistic, something grounded in reality, something smaller and more personal, like Dunkirk or his earlier films.

I would love a crime thriller with a smaller budget.

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Well with Tenet it's the first time he did something with a sci-fi concept, basically all throughout the film, and accepted it to be real. Whereas the sci-fi concept in Inception was still largely in ones head. With a real world somewhere. So I think it's pretty cool that Nolan went a little further with his sci-fi concept in Tenet.

I would love to see something smaller in scale, don't mind what genre or mixture of which genres. I would also love to see another Dunkirk-esque film set in either WWI (or WWII again) or any other huge conflict.

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Hell and Gone is always an option, would be interesting to see Nolan do a romance through a historical event. the unknown and debated origin of the fire could be interesting for him to play with structurally/thematically.

I'd be surprised to see him go sci-fi again immediately, my guess is a big horror thriller. If he wants pure cinema, and to continue pushing these intentionally obscured cyphers as characters, then horror would fit like a glove.

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A break from high-concept sci-fi sounds good to me. would love to see a crime thriller, maybe a period one. or a western. a horror flick would be nice as well.

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