Director Man of Steel?

Christopher's younger brother and writer of several of his films.
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Have you seen the article on the front page? ... -of-steel/

My god, I sure hope this is true. I think, with Chris helping him out, they both can do an excelent job on this! What do you guys think?
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It's his first job as director, but considering hhe's the brother of one of the greatest directors, I'm sure he'll do a great job at it ;)

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Not happening.

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Eternalist wrote:Not happening.
Second that. A first time director for a $200 film is not very realistic.

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To place such a big franchise in the hands of a man with zero directorial experience would be a huge gamble. I can't see it happening.

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I think he should make one smaller film first.

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Yea, it won't be legitimate until the Nolan bros or WB says something official.

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chee wrote:Yea, it won't be legitimate until the Nolan bros or WB says something official.
It would be a little more intriguing if it was something more than "a source" They don't even give an explanation of who the source is or how he knows anything.

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