Director Man of Steel?

Christopher's younger brother and writer of several of his films.
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ha ha that's like the only picture anyone has of him.

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:D The closer Man of Steel gets to it's release date, the more I find myself thinking about when I first heard that David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan were involved in Superman's reboot. It was at least a year or so before TDKR's release and one of the biggest things that I heard was that Jonathan Nolan will be directing "Man of Steel." At the time I heard this, I was thinking to myself yeah that would be pretty damn amazing, but then I began to realize that he would never do it even if he was offered to. The reason is because I see him more as a writer helping the story and creation side of the film more than the visual look of the film. After all he has co-written some of the screenplays of his brothers' best films such as The Prestige, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and now the upcoming Interstellar. And let's not forget his famous short story that Chris adapted into a feature film known as "Memento." Bottom line is I would have loved it if Jonah was directing "Man of Steel" but the fact is that he's not. But I can't wait for the day he does direct his first feature, because that's what needs to happen...Sometimes one Nolan directing films isn't good enough...Sometimes people deserve to have the other doing so...
Somewhere down the road perhaps. ;)

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