Jonathan will be writing Interstellar

Christopher's younger brother and writer of several of his films.
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I heard about that film at least 3 years ago. At that time it was announced as a 2009 movie, but as I see it never came out. So its premier is going to be in 2011... hm.
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I kind of lost faith in Spielberg and I truly believe he's sold his soul for the money. However, I'm very interested in this project now that Jonathan Nolan is attached.

I think it's great that he gets to work with such a massive name in Hollywood after so little time in the industry. He did excellent work on The Dark Knight which was really more of him than Goyer and although a lot of people didn't like Terminator Salvation (I did) and he wasn't creditted as one of the main writers, I personally believe that any contribution he made probably made the film better than it was going to be.

He has the potential to be one of the best writers working today.

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Well Spielberg seems more interested in making money those years, after en Indy 4 purly commercial, probably his worst work in terme of filmmaking shoot probably too fast, a lot of scene seems fake (3D monkeys :lol:) and not finish (not to talk about the lucas approuved script ....) now Tintin which is going to be a pure copy of the old animation films instead it's in 3D .... :o . which was shot preaty fast but there is lot of post-production to do now.

I hope Spielberg will return to real projects like Lincoln and of course Intersellar which has a fascinating subject, Jonathan Nolan is definitely a great writer, he must have probably like Memento and Prestige, use worm hole to play with the structure of his script. I Like to see it and if Spielberg is not able to do it, must have like at least 10 projects in his box, well let's hope Chris Nolan taking the lead even if he is already doing his Sci-fi movie right now with Inception.

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TeddyBlass wrote:It seems some people are placing their chips on this being Spielberg's next directorial effort: ... nolan.html
It would be incredible, but he's got a ton of other projects like that Lincoln biopic, so the odds are still out there.

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should be good 8-)

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