Is Nolan Getting the Most out of his Films?

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Robin wrote:So a movie isn't art because its rated pg-13? we need flashy violence to make it adult? this qualifies as the dumbest shit i've read in weeks. is the internet flooded with brainless kids? apparently.

(ps. The Dark Knights violence isnt just surface-level gore - it's horrifying in its subtext. Like the shark in Jaws, it's frightening because you have to make out what happens yourself (and that's more impressive). Example: when the joker breaks a stick in half and throws one on the ground between two men. The lack of blood is absolutely not important for anyone with something behind their eyes.
dude, what are you talking's almost as if you don't read what I write yet just read the title of the thread. I've said that his movies up until this point have been great. I said nothing about PG-13 not being art. All I'm saying is that I hope that Nolan doesn't feel like he must conform his future films to PG-13 in order to make the studio's more of a profit.

The example you gave about the joker breaking the pool stick isn't applicable to the example I gave when he shot someone in the opening scene. The pool stick scene doesn't show the two men going at one another, thus no blood has to be shown. But he directly shows in the bank heist scene, the man getting shot numerous times with a machine gun. No blood at all. If the scene with the two guys fighting one another with the broken pool stick had been shown, and one guy was stabbed with the stick, and no blood was visible, would that not bother you? These are small criticisms; all I'm doing is foreshadowing from what I've seen, what could possibly happen in the future with Nolan's artistic direction. I don't need blood to be shown, but if a scene lingers and shows someone getting shot with a machine gun, then for the sake of realism, show a little bit of damn blood and not just bullet holes.

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