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What is your favorite ending sequence from a Chris Nolan movie?

Following (1998)
Memento (2000)
Insomnia (2002)
No votes
Batman Begins (2005)
No votes
The Prestige (2006)
The Dark Knight (2008)
Inception (2010)
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)[/b]
Total votes: 51

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mine is The Prestige's ending sequence.£

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The Dark Knight for sure. Gordon's haunting monologue, Zimmer's stunning score and the initial build up to the credits gets me every time. Very powerful stuff.

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can't beat Inception

Even though my favorite film ever is Memento

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Inception as a film is better and the ending left me shocked, but thematically TDK's ending has a bit more meaning.
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#1fan wrote:can't beat Inception

Even though my favorite film ever is Memento
All of Nolan's films have mind blowing endings. It's pretty hard just to choose one. But for the hell of it, I'll rank them according to my own opinions on the endings...

1) The Dark Knight
2) Inception
3) Memento
4) Batman Begins
5) The Prestige
6) Following
7) Insomnia

Again, it's real difficult to rank the endings of Nolan's films, but that's my best possible list.

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This is so damn difficult :x but TDK is my favorite movie so
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1. The Prestige
2. Inception
3. The Dark Knight
4. Memento
5. Batman Begins
6. Insomnia

Don't remember much about Following's ending sequence.

I gotta go with the Prestige. The final conversation between Angier/Borden is brilliant. And bringing back Michael Caine's narration to tie everything together at the end is also fantastic.

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Very hard choices
3)the dark knight
4)the prestige
5)batman begins

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Tough choice, tough choice, :think:
I'll say TDK because even though I've watched it almost 10 times, the last scene still sends shivers down my spine and makes me tear up. The editing, the score, Oldman's voice... it's amazing.

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