what is Christopher Nolan directing style?

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The others have summed it up well indeed.

In terms of filmmaking itself, he also abides by three act structure pretty literally as opposed to some other writer/directors working today. Like others have said, a lot of handheld even if its so steady you can't always tell. It tends to be handheld but not filmed in a doc style as others have done, its more for immersion into the sequences, but he also moves the camera around mostly fluidly aside of action sequences, which until TDK and Inception, many said were his weak points.

In my opinion he cuts quite quickly never allowing scenes to breathe and the detail to come out (especially in Inception), his films are usually pretty heavy and some say not emotionally involving (most of us here disagree), and are typically light on humor. He makes dark stuff. His main themes always seem to branch off from obsession and the way one's actions actually occur contrasted by how ones self-perception may have blinded them to the sort of consequences they've done. A good example is Batman realizing The Joker only exists because of him.

It's very noir, very dark, and I think very human. Almost all of his pictures have some kind of Nolan-twist at some point with TDK having the 'smallest' of them. He loves shooting on film, particularly IMAX film and generally detests digital shooting and 3D.

He tries to have his films evoke the grand scale cinema can present as a format, as again, shown by IMAX. He manages to make the absurd rather believable (I.E. The Prestige/TDK/Inception all having very sci-fi or very... 'cheesy' plot elements but executes them in such a way they're not just believable but realistic)

I hope that answered your question!

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In my opinion, the Joker in TDK became the Joker because of "Wanna know how I got these scars?"
He had a very troublesome upbringing and past with those that were near to him. "NOW IM ALWAYS SMILING!"
He had no interest in money, he was not simple, and that was something the richkid Batman could not understand. So Alfred had to try and make him understand The Joker's "insanity" with that godamn Tangerine story :lol:

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Directing Style is Brilliance... :thumbup:

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Nolan talked with Leonardo for hours at a time over many months before shooting Inception. That is one directing style. He also did this with Hans Zimmer when it came to the music.

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“I think just by approaching things from the point of view of what best expresses the story, and thinking in terms of what shot follows this one to progress the story. There isn't really any reason why, with a different scale story, that style should necessarily be different. ...So then you’re referring to the use of flashbacks and so forth and the way you remember things and, you know, for me having found a way to represent that that I felt very comfortable with, I don’t have any reason to change that.”
- Christopher Nolan

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