How you became a Nolan fan

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Memento, struck me like a bus then his other movies came out and i died. i was now a Nolanfan.
Brave New World

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Batman Begins. I was first nervous about seeing it because Schumacher almost fucked the franchise.

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Threshold wrote:I saw The Prestige.

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First Nolan film I ever saw was Prestige when it came out but didn't know Nolan directed it because I didn't pay attention that that stuff back than. It was TDK were I found out about THE NOLAN. From the point on he's become my favorite film director.

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2002- A rather pushy friend that was living with me at the time insisted that we rent a DVD called Memento. "Holy Shit."

2005- The guy who made Memento is making a Batman movie? Can't be that bad then. "Holy shit, that was the BEST Batman yet."

2006- A movie about magicians? Ok..."Holy shit that was the best movie I've seen in four years."

2007-2008 - Online every day to find out info about the next Batman. The rest is history and 3 amazing films past.

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steveportee wrote:
Threshold wrote:I saw The Prestige.
Great answer. :clap:
And I'm not even kidding.
I saw remnants of Batman Begins but it wasn't life-changing, but as soon as I saw The Prestige, I wanted to seek out every single other movie by C. Nolan as well as the Prestige book.

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After i watched Batman Begins, in this moment i became a Nolan fan! :goNF:

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After I watched Memento and Batman Begins. I fell in love with his movies. After The Dark Knight, Nolan became #1 in my most favorite directors list. The Prestige was amazing, way better than the Illusionist. I was obsessed with it and started watching it over and over again, the more I saw it, the better it became. Inception just bonused it up. And The Dark Knight Rises blew me away, and bonused it even more.

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