How you became a Nolan fan

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First Nolan film I saw was Batman Begins. I honestly was not that impressed by it. My brother loved it (he now enjoys ribbing me on how I "Preferred a Michael Bay movie to one by Chris Nolan"), but my sentiment was that it was "great for a movie, but it wasn't 'Batman'." I had this odd idea that it was some sort of prequel to Tim Burton's Batman.
...okay, you can stop laughing now.

I took notice of Nolan's talent when I saw The Dark Knight. The human emotion, the scale, the incredible cinematography ---I was swept away. Inception solidified this position, and The Dark Knight Rises firmly established Christopher Nolan as one of my top five favorite directors.

I have since re-watched Batman Begins (did so soon after seeing The Dark Knight), and have grown to appreciate it more. Still not quite thrilled with the "microwave", but the rest is excellent.

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Ummm don't think I ever posted here?

Well, I saw Memento in cinema and loved it. But didn't really keep up to date with his films after. Until I was in the UK for Batman Begins premiere. I didn't realize til the day of the premiere it was Nolan's. Then I saw him at the premiere and thought 'omg that's Chris Nolan'. With my excitement I dropped my pen on the carpet and Nolan came running over to pick it up for me lol he was on the other side of the carpet!
Spoke to him briefly then saw the film at its first screening and since then I've been keeping up to date with everything too and made my brother a fan after seeing Begins with him and making him watch my Memento DVD (and my sister too after she saw Prestige).

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I saw one of his movies and liked it.

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My story is a rather a ridiculous one.Are you ready to laugh?

The summer of 2005.Batman Begins is released.At the time I was 12.The only films I cared about were big blockbusters that helped passed a couple of hours entertainingly.So I watched Begins and literally thought it was good dumb fun.Had no intention of even knowing who directed it/wrote it.Now let's skip to...

2007.I read the Christopher Priest book called The Prestige.I liked the book very much and immediately searched for it's cinema adaptation.So without having any clue that this is same guy who wrote/directed Begins I watch The Prestige.I think about it as a very well done adaptation and basicly forget about it(once again-not going into details-who made it/etc.)

2008.For some goddamn reason I cant even remember I miss TDK's theatrical run.But on Christmas one of the presents I get are two mewbies-The Dark Knight and In Bruges.Now I should note that since 2005 my appreciation and understanding for movies grew even if by small numbers but these two films were basicly the part 1 of the breaking point.After being blow away by both I finally learn the name Christopher Nolan.After these two films I start get my hands on and watching as many cinema classics as possible and in 2-3 months I come across Memento which was the 2 part of the breaking point and made me into total Christopher Nolan fan and a complete cinema fan.

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Saw Memento ten years ago :-D

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I saw The Prestige.

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Threshold wrote:I saw The Prestige.
Great answer. :clap:

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steveportee wrote:
Threshold wrote:I saw The Prestige.
Great answer. :clap:
indeed it is worthy,

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Memento blew my mind. That feeling of being inside the movie, working the facts with Lenny. I remember it has been a while since such an intelligent movie came along. Since then I was on to Nolan, and the guy simply keeps getting better and better.

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Well, I watched "BB" and "TDK", without knowing who this "Christopher Nolan" really was. Then several years later, I watched "Inception" thought it was AWESOME. Now, I will watch "TDKR" in a few days, and decided to get myself all of the movies that I do not own of him. So I bought "Memento", "Insomnia" and "The Prestige", the "Batman films" and "Inception" I already bought, and then I watched all his movies, except for "Following" cause it was still pretty expensive. And now he is my favorite director.

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