How you became a Nolan fan

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First, I watch Insomnia back in theater during my high school years, mostly because Al Pacino is my fave. actor and there's Robin Williams and Hilary Swank. It was good. :ugeek: I wasn't aware of Memento back in those days, because it didn't played in theaters on my country. Then Batman Begins came out, I always liked Burton's Batman as a child, so I decide to watch it and was blown away by Nolan's take on the Batman. His dark and gritty but less gothic worked for me, and the cast is great. :thumbup:

I began seaching Nolan's previous work which is Memento and then watch it, first time it got me excited because the puzzle like of the story. The cast of Memento also great, especially because I loved L.A. Confidential (Pearce was great in it) and liked the first Matrix. :thumbup: Around the same time, The Prestige was released, liked it alot, I'm become a fan of his filmmaking style after it. :thumbup: The Dark Knight was even better. :clap:

And now I'm very anticipating Inception and his next projects. ;)

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I saw a TV spot for Batman Begins one afternoon while watching The Simpsons (true story). I thought "damn, these idiots messed up the last Batman movies so badly, how the hell they gonna fix this up?". I told my friends, we all started laughing. Then we decided to go to the cinema and see it for ourselves, 'cause of the rave reviews I've been seeing everywhere. We came out stunned at what we saw, and ever since then I've been a Nolan fan. I researched some of his other movies, watched "Insomnia" and "Memento" and immediately knew he was no ordinary director. When "The Prestige" was announced, I almost wet my pants in excitement. :mrgreen:

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I saw memento and then following from their i was hooked
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Like several people I saw Batman Begins. Loved it. Brought dignity back to Batman and it was very well told and very different from any previous Batman flick. It felt smart, far more realistic than any other previous film, devoid of Burton's style which I don't hate, and everything was just practically dead on right on how to a Batman film.

Then after a year I saw a trailer for The Prestige highlighting who it was from. I was intrigued by the story premise. I believe I checked out Memento before the release of The Prestige, and loved it. Then I saw The Prestige, and loved that film too. To me if Nolan really does have several twists, they come far more natural than many other filmakers' attempts. I just loved how they were smart, highly entertaining films, but also generally accessible. I love David Lynch, but Nolan's films are for a larger audience, and people that say his films are too odd or twist like I guess, are too narrow minded in my opinion.

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I became a Nolan fan when I watched Memento in August 2004 at a film fest. I loved it so much that I went online and found out that he had another movie called Insomnia. And that was pretty damn good. And then I found out that he was directing Batman Begins. Watched it first day first show - and I was hooked. I've watched every movie of his on opening day since then. And I don't plan on ending that streak any time soon. ;)

Watched Following pretty late actually - sometime in 2009, I think. Of all his movies, Batman Begins is the movie that I've watched the most - I never get tired of watching it.
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I heard a new Batman film had been made in 2005 but didn't think anything of it because the last one was disappointing as a Batman fan. I saw The Prestige in theaters and it was the first film I've seen that truly blew me away. I noticed it was the same director who did Batman Begins, so I reasoned it should be just as an engaging film if not more so, and I was right. Soon after I saw TDK in theaters, which really solidified me as a fan of Nolan. Then I stumbled across NF in 2009 (didn't officially join until 2010) and I found out he made Memento and Insomnia as well, so I saw those and drank the cool aid.
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I had heard everyone raving about The Dark Knight. I didn't get the hype over a Batman film. But one day I saw Batman Begins playing on TV so I watched it and was blown away. I then went to see TDK and was even more wowed by it.

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First Nolan film I've watched was The Prestige, back in 2006. I was blown away by it, and watched it several times. Then, when TDK came out, I found out it was the director who made Prestige. That got me excited. And Joker, of course. So, I saw TDK as well, and since those two films were so great, I decided to watch others. I had known about Batman Begins since it came out in 2005, but didn't watch it, and didn't know it was made by Nolan, until 2008, when I watched TDK. After that, came Memento, which was great. In early 2010, I found out about Inception, which got my really hyped. Found out about Nolanfans in the summer of 2010, and started browsing, but didn't join. Meanwhile, I watched Following twice and rewatched every Nolan film. And then I joined Nolanfans in december 2010.
So, my first Nolan film was The Prestige in 2006, and I became a fan in 2008. Joined Nolanfans in 2010.

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I became a Nolan fan by watching Insomnia back in 2004. Then with Batman Begins I chose Nolan as one of my top ten. With The Prestige he became my no.1 favorite. So I'm much more of a Nolan fan than most of you noobs who jumped at Nolan's bandwagon because of TDK and Inception.

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