How you became a Nolan fan

The Oscar Nominated writer and director to whom this site is dedicated.
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There is something like this on the IMDB boards, but we know how those can get so i thought I would add this topic here.

I'll start with mine.
I saw Batman Begins and absolutely loved it. That was probably my favorite movie for a while. Then because I saw it was directed by the same guy (I had no idea who he was) I rented the Prestige and was less then thrilled. After one viewing I didn't think the plot twist made much sense with the rest of the movie (I was young and nieve). At this point in time I was still only watching movies that I thought looked entertaining and were current. I hadn't thought to look at a directors past work, but with the buzz for the Dark Knight I went out and bought Memento and Insomnia. Memento instantly became one of my favorite films and I thought Insomnia was really good.

The Dark Knight finally came out and it exceeded my mile high expectations. That prompted me to search up and down for a copy of the Following. Which I found and loved. Since then I have rewatched the Prestige and think that it is one of his best films and also watched Insomnia and learned that it is the kind of movie that really grows on you and made me respect Mr. Nolan for being able to do a straight movie very well. It is a movie that disproves the idiotic idea that he is just a gimmick director.

That was my journey to becoming a Nolan fan. It pretty much all happened the summer before the Dark Knight amidst the buzz.

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Pretty much after watching The Dark Knight, I just had to see his other films. So I rented them, and I loved them! Now I'm slowly starting a Nolan DVD collection.

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Well I borrowed Memento off someone in college sometime in 2002. He explained the scene where Leonard is running away from Todd "No he's chasing me". I asked him is it a comedy then, which mmediately made him laugh and then explained to me it's about a guy who has no short term memory and looking for the killer of his wife and is a noir/thriller.
Took it home and absolutely loved it and it has been my fav film ever since and I watched Insomnia in the cinema which I also loved.
I was then told Following had been released on DVD, got that and loved it. Around the same time I heard he had been hired to direct a new Batman film, straight away I thought about Lenny trapped in a room and the process of the photos and tattoos and just knew he was perfect for Batman.
Waited a while for Batman Begins then finally watched it in the cinema and absolutely loved it from start to finish.
Then it was The Prestige a year later which I enjoyed but didn't feel it was a classic, but a very good film and Bale is brilliant in it playing 4 roles like in Batman.
Then The Dark Knight which I was disappointed with to be honest, I thought it was a good film but a bit too long at times and could have been trimmed down.

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I really became a hardcore fan after The Dark Knight. But I was well aquainted with his work before, starting with Batman Begins, The Prestige, and then Memento. I tracked down Insomnia and Following after The Dark Knight.

The reason I came to this site was because that other God-forsaken Nolan fansite was pretty much abandoned.

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The reason I came to this site was because that other God-forsaken Nolan fansite was pretty much abandoned.
Which other fansite are you talking about?

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akv1984 wrote:
The reason I came to this site was because that other God-forsaken Nolan fansite was pretty much abandoned.
Which other fansite are you talking about?

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The Dark Knight was the first movie I watched. Wasn't impressed, but it was good nonetheless. Later on, I got Batman Begins and I thought it was better than TDK. Month later I got The Prestige and loved it, absolutely amazing and then watched Memento and it became my favourite movie of all time followed by The Prestige. I still have to watch Following and Insomnia though.

Few months later I found this website.

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It's interesting, because my "transformation" into a Nolan-fan happened between Batman Begins and The Prestige, but I can't remember which of these movies triggered it :D

I was 14 years old, when I saw Batman Begins. I saw it in theatres twice, and I really liked it. I remember that when I bought it on DVD I watched it nearly every week :D I can say I saw the movie about 15-17 times :D

Then The Prestige came out in cinemas, and I saw that its director was Christopher Nolan who directed Batman Begins. I didn't know the plot of the film, I wasn't really interested in it at all, but it was directed by him so I went to see the film. And it was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life :D I saw it in theatres twice, just like Batman Begins, and it became one of my favourite films. Just like Batman Begins :D And Nolan became my favourite director. Before that I was a Tarantino-fan, but today I love Nolan's work much more than Tarantino's (I still consider myself as a Tarantino-fan, though :) ).

When The Dark Knight's viral marketing began, I was a real hardcore Nolan-fan already :D

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A long, long time ago, in a Puerto Rico far, far away...

How I Became A Nolan Fan

It all started when I was born. My parents loved each ot- oops, too far back

It all started when Batman Begins came out and I was nine
years old. My parents drove me to my grandma's house so
that they could see Batman Begins alone. When they got
back they didn't say anything about the movie so I knew it
wasn't for me. A year later it came to DVD so I watched it
with my dad and I liked it (even though I didn't understanded
it). Unfortunetly my mm didn't aprove of it for me. At Christmas
my dad got for me, even though my mom didn't knew it until

Then came The Dark Knight, I was going to watch it with my dad
in the theathers but I was reading the parental guide in imdb and
my mom came in my room at that exact moment and read it and
decided to not see it. So until it came to DVD my mom wasn't sure
but she let me watch it with my dad, however she warned me that I
will not beg to buy it or watch it a second time (which is unfair) I
loved it Isaw it was directed by Christopher Nolan so I instantly
became a fan and I saw a link to this website and the rest is history

Ever since I found this website I wanted to see every movie made by
Nolan so I saw The Prestigue and then I saw Following on youtube.
Two months ago I went to my aunt's house and my parents went to
a concert I saw TDK one more time, but will I convince my mom
about the movie,that is a mystery that not even a detective can unravel

And that's how I became a Nolan fan up until today

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I saw Batman Begins when it came out to DVD but I was indifferent about it.

Then I saw TDK, loved it, and rented his other films. :)

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